Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unexpectedly Productive Saturday

Our plan last Saturday was pretty on the living room and get some chores done around the house. We didn't get any chores done, but we did make some major unexpected progress in our home. Our living room is our first project in our home renovation (more on that later) so we're finishing up the painting and working on some built-ins for one of the walls. However, on Friday night, as most nights, I was on facebook and happened to check the Madison Furniture Barn, a local family-owned furniture store where, if I could afford to, I would go to redecorate our entire house. I check their FB page frequently because they post floor model and overstock sales weekly, and considering how much of their furniture we want, we figured this is our best bet for getting some of it in our home! We've been in desperately in need of a TV stand, considering we've been using an old end table from David's parents. Lo and behold, they posted two TV stands for a great bargain, so when we got up on Saturday we threw the pup in the truck and booked it down to Westbrook to see if we could snag one. We made it in time and were able to get the beautiful white one!

(Forgive the look of the walls we haven't replaced the baseboard just yet)

Of course we hit an immediate snafu. We recently learned that none of the outlets in our living room were grounded, so David and his dad set out to rewire them and since the original outlet boxes were recessed into the cinderblock walls, they couldn't run wires. They ended up having to install outlets like this:

And the patched spot is the spackle over the old outlet. Therefore, we had a dilemma with the new TV stand....

With the new outlet boxes plus the plugs, the stand was sticking out about 6 inches from the wall. Since our front door is right next to that wall and we have limited space, this was just not going to work. Begrudgingly, we had to cut a hole in the back of our brand new TV stand :(

But it worked out fine...I put a basket with a quilt inside and you can't even tell, and now it's all the way against the wall and looks perfect! We decided it just wasn't complete so we went out and picked up a plant to accompany our newest addition. Here's Miss Oats wondering what to make of this plant (she eats about 100 sticks/day, so having a tree in our house is risky)

I decided it looked funny with dirt only, so I went outside and found some rocks to add to the pot. This was our finished product of our Saturday:

Again, the baseboards will be going in soon, as well as crown molding and some wall decor. Bear with us, we're getting there.


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