Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free & Easy Entertainment

David & I are big time movie lovers but we rarely ever go see one in the theater. Now that we have Comcast On Demand, we search the free ones and the HBO/Starz movies all the time for our nightly entertainment. (When there's not a baseball game on, that is)

However, one of our favorite things is Redbox. Nothing beats its $1 DVDs and its extreme convenience. We've been using RB for years, but not until recently did we actually log on to their website. Lo and behold, we've figured out how to get quite a bit of free entertainment....

In the last month or so, we've watched 8 movies and only paid for 1 - that's $1.28 (with tax) for SIX MOVIES! I can hardly contain my excitement. How did we do it?

We signed up for their emails and text message promotions - simple as that. Every 1-2 weeks or so I get a text with a free movie code good for that day only, so if its convenient I stop and pick one up. If we don't watch it, no big deal, I'll return it the next day and wait for another code. Also, when you sign up for an account on their site and rent your first movie, your second movie is free.

Why we love it:

1)      There are Redbox locations EVERYWHERE. We have 3 near us, so we can stop easily on our way to and from work or when we're grocery shopping. I also typed our zip code in the "search location" box enough times that they must have gotten the point, and just opened one up in Portland - ohhhh about two seconds from our house. What a fabulous day that was.

2)      You can pick up a movie from one Redbox and return it to any other location.

3)      It only costs $1.20 for a DVD. Blu-rays are more, so we just stick to good ole DVDs.

4)      They have an easy website and you can reserve your movies online and then the pickup time decreases from about 2 minutes to about 2 seconds. Sweetness.

5)      If you sign up for email and text message promotions, you can get TONS of free movies! Here's our lineup:  (If you want my opinion, I highly recommend The Adjustment Bureau & The Vow)

* Side note on Sherlock Holmes. This was free for us but not because of a Redbox promo. Our local Chinese food restaurant offers a promo that if we order $10+ in take out, they'll pay for your RB movie for the night. We had just gotten Sherlock Holmes when we stopped to get take out.....SCORE.

** This post was not endorsed by Redbox. They are not aware of this post and my opinions are all my own. Movie pictures are all courtesy of their website.


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