Friday, August 31, 2012

A night of large & rare finds

Jen's find:
I happened to be Craigs-listing (new verb?) casually this afternoon after getting discouraged yet again that all the rugs I like are too expensive. I thought, what the hey, I'll check CL to see if I can find any rugs for sale. The one I liked on just increased in price - seriously? But CL came through for me yet 8x10 Pottery Barn jute rug on sale for $85...and only 20 minutes away! It was fate. Despite the setback of David having my debit card and my GPS so I got lost and had to pay by check (eek), I came home with a rug for the living room, finally.

Oats made herself right at home....before we even finished putting it out evenly on the floor. Hey Mikey...she likes it.

Here she is:

So that was my find: large because, well, it's huge, rare because it's Pottery Barn and it was a STEAL.

David's find was the biggest striper he's ever caught, or so the fisherman says, and a rare "remora" fish - evidently only found in this area when they come in on a shark. There have been a few shark sightings in Cape Cod recently, so maybe that means they're in CT too. Lovely.

Of course he doesn't have photos because I wasn't there. God forbid men bring their camera phones even. So here's a photo of the type of fish he caught (I of course chose a picture with a shark)

So we both had successful evenings....nice way to start our anniversary weekend!


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