Friday, September 21, 2012


Thank you to eecards for understanding how I feel today. Is it sad that this is like the first thing I thought of this morning? I must have pinterest-brain.

And then one of my wonderful friends sent me a happy birthday email with a bunch of funny eecards and it totally made my day because this one was in it! (Thanks Laura!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, we really had a party for Oats....

Oatsy turned the big O-N-E in July (I'm playing blog catch up from the summertime) and we had a little party for her after some requests from the family. It was small and just the family, since our pup is a little "too friendly" as we affectionately call her, so she can't have too many people over at once. David's mom brought Barley and they wrestled played the whole time. Poor Oats, she only has one dog friend. She might've had more if she didn't act like Marley in her doggy behavior class.

We did send out invitations because I'm a supernerd about invites/graphics/fonts and had to make something, although I pretty much think our parents would have come anyway.

Here's my pretty dark (sorry) photo of the food table:

These "pupcakes" were supposed to look like dog bowls with kibble in them. Oh well, I think you get the point.

All the other foods had to also have corny pseudonyms too, obviously.

And Oats needed water bottles for her guests, so we labeled these. I wish I had gotten a better shot because on the back of the label was the bunting graphic I made for the invites.

We moved outside after we snacked so Oats and Barley could go in the kiddie pool and destroy all her new toys. Literally. Like she got this football 10 minutes before this photo was taken. She kept playing with it though for the next month, it just looked naked but it still squeaked. Way to go Kong.

I brought out cupcakes for the two pups with homemade bone treats on top and a really terrible frosting job. They didn't care. After I removed the candle and cupcake liners, the "pupcakes" were gone in one bite per dog. It was so quick I couldn't even get a photo of them scarfing them.

We set up a "doggy bag" treat bar for Oatsy's guests to fill bags to bring home for their own pups. My grandma and aunt both have cats, so Oats picked out the Friskies "Party Mix" for them to take home as favors. Seemed appropriate. From left to right, we had toys, including whiffleballs (a Wright family dog favorite), tennis balls and racquetballs, then a mixture of some veggie and mint treats from the dog treat bar at Petco, followed by my homemade peanut butter goodness treats, and of course, milk bones. This was great, because we had dog treats up the wazoo for months after.

We took Oatsy's one year photos the next afternoon on her actual birthday. She was still somewhat pooped out from her party the day before so it helped with doing the photo shoot. Just like every month, we got one good one, and then she took off with the cardboard "1" I made for her party.

It was cute and successful, and Oatsy got to play with all her favorite people, or shall I say, the only people she knows? She was also very blessed with many great treats and toys that made her happy and kept the nutcase busy for a while. Thanks to everyone who made her birthday special! Happy 1st birthday little bear!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes its nice when your husband doesn't use the internet...

I made something Thursday for the house...did an art project while basically sitting on my rump all morning while my hubby was at work.

I had found an old 2x4 on the beach and it looked "sea-kissed" to me and pretty cool. I picked it up and put it in my bag as David laughed at me....what else is new. It's been sitting around for a while until I finally decided I wanted to put latitude and longitude numbers on it. I looked up the exact number for our house here by using the "Satellite" option and zooming in A LOT, and converted the lat/long numbers here...

and got to work being crafty and using some of my pinterest-learned skills!

I simply printed out my numbers in a font I liked at a good size for the board, lined them up (I attempted to measure to make sure everything was exactly centered but then realized eye-balling would be fine for this project), and lightly taped it in a few spots to hold the paper in place. Then I traced (pressing hard) around the font in pen to make my indent in the wood. I did use a ruler in some spots because the wood made it tough to make straight lines.

After I was done I peeled up the paper and checked to make sure I got every spot before I completely removed the tape, and all looked good.

Then I traced my indentations in pencil to make them easier to see.

Then I got to painting! Again, the paint job is sub-par - I'm no artist. But again, I figured this project wasn't meant to be exactly perfect - it's on a old 2x4 for crying out loud. It took me maybe an hour (?) to paint and then I just let it dry.

Oatsy watched while basking in the sun...

When David got home I showed him my sweet skillllllls and he was blown away. This is why I say it's nice when your husband doesn't know that everyone and their mom on the blogisphere is doing this. He says, "Wow I really can't believe how cool this is - you could sell these!" Yeah honey, except how often do I find old 2x4's on the beach? Not to mention my paint job is pretty shoddy. Oh, and that whole thing about how literally everyone is doing this. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that though, and just basked in the glory of his excitement.

Here it is above the door from our living room to our kitchen:

Photo Book

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Week - Honeymoon: Week 2

WARNING! This post is only puppy pictures! Stop reading now if you don't like to look at cute puppy pictures. Wait...???? Well if that's you, you probably wouldn't be on this blog anyway.

So we spent exactly 3/4 of a day together before we picked her up. We spent half of that time puppy proofing our house, the rest of it shopping for groceries and random home goods, like all the crap stuff you don't think about and wish you didn't have to buy when you move into your first house. These include (but are not limited to) a plunger (yay), trash can/bags, cleaning products, rubber bands (yeah, right?), sponges, TP, etc. You get the picture. It's annoying how quick that stuff adds up at the cash register, but ya need it [insert shoulder shrug here]. We also made a few stops to prepare for the baby (I say that because it's true) we were about to bring home, to be sure she would have food, a bed, and a dog bowl, as well as a few toys. And then we drove to get said baby.

Here's the litter when we got there to pick her up.
The rest of these sweet babies had already gone to their new homes. Thank goodness there were 3 left and not one. I warned David that if there was just Oats and one other puppy left when we got there that I wouldn't be able to handle not taking him/her home too. Who could leave one puppy alone after taking their last sibling? Not me. At all. And David said absolutely not, so thank God there were 3 left.
Man they are just precious.

Here's Miss Oats with her daddy. Squirming already. The two times before this that we went to visit her, she was perfectly calm and sweet. The day we went to pick her up? CRAZY. And so it began. That little dog completely had us fooled.

What happened next was literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. It was genuinely like they knew what was going on, that Oats was leaving. She stood up to the pen where her 3 brothers were and kissed them goodbye (or so we humans presumed). I'm just going to pretend that's what was happening because I think it's just so precious.

Goodbye guys! Love you!

After we spent some time with our lovely breeder letting Oats enjoy her time with her brothers and going over things, we headed to David's parents house to celebrate his mom's birthday. Yeah, that's right, we didn't even have enough time to go home with her. She went from saying goodbye to her brothers to meeting her two new...cousins? sisters? Whatever David's parent's dogs Nicky and Barley would be to her.

I guess I didn't get any pics of her with Barley, just Nick. They look so much alike it's amazing. It's so nice to have these since Oats only got the chance to know Nick for a few months before she went to dog heaven. As for not taking any pictures of Barley that night....I have about 4,931 of them together since, so I think it'll be okay.

Then we made a quick stop at my parent's house (thank God we all live close) before heading home because we knew they would want to see her. She said hello for a few minutes, then fell asleep on the kitchen floor for the rest of the time we were there. Literally didn't budge. To be fair, it was quite a long day for all of us.
We spent the rest of the week introducing her to her new home and playing with her...and we threw in a little house and crate training too. For all her craziness, we have to hand it to Miss Oats because she was house trained in less than a week. We were still unpacking/moving so I didn't take many photos of our house, just Oats. My camera didn't actually see another subject for about 3 months.

It's amazing to me looking back now, at these year-old photos, of how much she's grown. I forget how little she was unless I look back at the photos, because even now I still look at her like a puppy, but she's definitely become a dog. I mean, look how little she is next to David's hand!
She slept a lot more then too, back when little things would wear her out faster. Now, not so much...

And that became our life. Playing with and training Oats and unpacking and setting up our home. It's a year later and we're still doing all of those things. Yes, our house still has things that aren't unpacked or set up...don't judge, it's a long process.

Stay tuned for a post soon with Oatsy's monthly photos from her first year, because we're weird like that, and like I said, she is our baby [insert another shoulder shrug here].

Wedding Week - Honeymoon: Week 1

One year ago we were flying home from the Dominican Republic and beginning the second part of our honeymoon, which consisted of spending a week moving into our brand new home, stocking it full of everything we never knew we needed, and picking up the third member of our family. But first, we had to do the whole R&R thing, and where better to do that than at the beach? The beach in the Caribbean, of course. Here's the photo story of our Honeymoon: Week 1.

We stayed at the Excellence All-Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a wonderful, relaxing week and the resort was great. It was all-inclusive so we ate and drank and polished off our mini fridge and then ate and drank some more. It was fabulous. If only life could always be like that. I had mimosas every morning at the breakfast buffet, at which I ate like a king and David usually had a couple eggs and bacon. I filled two plates with food and then went up for seconds. Man, do I love breakfast. David mostly just laughed at me.

Here's the view from our room.
The ground floor was nice because we had a hammock! This is when we first got there.
The beach was lovely, although it was soooo hot we did pretty much stay under the huts when we weren't in the water.

We ate dinner out nightly at the resort's several restaurants and tried to make a point of trying all of them. I think there was only one we missed...not too shabby. It was fun to dress up but usually by then the sun and fun of the day had wiped us out. Tough life, huh?

We took 3 excursions while we were there. The first was ziplining, though I don't have any photos because we didn't pay to have the guide follow us on the lines. We just wanted to go and enjoy it. We did snap a few photos on the drive back, which included a pretty sweet safari tour of the DR. Our guide was amazing. I didn't understand everything he said but he had everyone laughing.
The second excursion was my favorite, of course - swimming with the dolphins. And a little kissing, too.
Our dolphin excursion also included kissing a sea lion, so needless to say I was a happy girl.
We went to a private island for the third excursion and I'll just say it wasn't the best excursion/day ever but we tried to make the best of it. We took a very long boat ride out to the island which was nice on the way there, but rainy, cold and very rough on the way back. Here we are, still happy on the way out to the island.
I won't get into details, but it was nice to be back from that trip. We were so tired I'm not sure we even went to dinner that night.

The last two days we just relaxed at the resort. It's not so bad when your toughest daily decisions include whether you want to go to the beach or the pool and what kind of food you want for dinner.

We had one fancy, special "newlywed" dinner where they spoiled us with champagne, too much wine, rose petals and delicious food.
We learned quickly the best places to eat at the resort. We were so excited for Italian that we went there the first night, but realized that Italian food anywhere short of Italy itself just can't hold a candle up to what we're used to living in New England. We've got it made here when it comes to Italian restaurants. My point? Italian in the Dominican? Not so much. It was exactly the same with the seafood, surprisingly enough. New England just kicks far too much booty in those areas. We're spoiled by where we live in our two favorite eating categories, and that was a nice thing to learn. Oh, the other awesome thing I learned was that I had great Dominican hair. Curly hair girls understand's so hard to deal with your hair on a regular basis, let alone in a world of extreme I was nervous. I don't know what was in the resort water, but my hair actually cooperated, and that'll make anyone a happy happy girl.
Yeah, I haven't been able to get it to do that again since we left DR. Trust me, I've tried. Bummer.

All in all it was very relaxing.....

But it was also nice to come home, especially knowing 1) we had another week off, and 2) we were going to be picking up Miss Oatsy! When we got home my parents had left us a welcome home sign, a fridge and cabinets full of food, and an apple pie at our new house. What a sweet welcome home.
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