Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

We figured for our 1 year celebration we should go back to the two special places where it all started....the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI and Mystic, CT where we got married. Most importantly, we wanted to bring Oats with us, effectively making it our first, albeit short, "family vacation."

Oatsy Bear was exhausted from our Labor Day picnic festivities the night before, so she relaxed peacefully in the backseat on her bed.

You know you're tired when.....
We stayed at the Carriage House in Mystic, an adorable rental home that has two suites. We stayed in the larger one and it was perfect. We were super thrilled to be able to bring Oats :)

It had a huge king-size tempur-pedic bed....and in the AC it was just oh so pleasant.

 TV and fireplace....neither of which we used.

Emptying the cooler. Oats being helpful as usual.

There was a cute patio out back. We were hoping to eat breakfast out there the second day but were surprised by a down-pouring I guess we'll just have to come back next year :)

Someone made herself right at home.

Living area...

One year anniversary cham-pag-nee. Yummy :)

 Me: "Please smile while you pour the champagne!"

Yes, the card I gave him was hilllllarious. It's too inappropriate for me to discuss here. We'll just leave it at that.

My anniversary gift to DW. Paper. Appropriate I thought. I warned him it was corny.

My gift from the hubs. Looooove it! I've been wanting one of these for so long! Of course he gives it to me on Labor Day so now I can't use the white thing until springtime. Bummer.

Looking through the closet games.

We selected an oldie but goodie, but it was missing half the pieces. 

Here's the luxury bathroom. It was great except the shower was confusing....?

Oats and Daddy taking a bath?

For dinner, we used my lovely Aunt Jodi's wedding gift, a gift card to the Ocean House, to finally go inside the amazing resort hotel where we were near on the beach when we got engaged in 2010. Here's a photo we took in front of the then-unfinished Ocean House shortly after we got engaged on the nearby beach.

This place is not only special to us as a couple, but it's special to my family because my dad and his siblings grew up in Watch Hill. In November 2011 when my sweet Grampie passed away, my cousins and I had the chance to go through his old paintings that he did for a while during retirement. They were gracious and sweet enough to let me have this most special one of the Ocean House, which now hangs in the center of our living room. I wonder if my Grampie ever got to go inside it in its original state.

Our gift card....

The place was so fancy, the drink menu was on an iPad. Therefore, I was forbidden from taking annoying paparazzi photos by my husband for pretty much all of dinner. Although I would have killed for a pic of the iPad and the thousand food courses, 99% of which I could not identify. I do remember eating a quail egg, which was insanely small. When most people cleared out, he allowed me to snap these two. See how hesitant he looks....

The only bummer was that it was late. The only reservation we could get was for 8pm, which I didn't realize would mean it was too dark for a proper view of the ocean. Guess we'll have to go back there too....right hunny? Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen. Billy Joel & Jessica Simpson have condos at this place. It's definitely not going to be a weekly dinner outing for us. Here's some photos of the beautiful lobby:

Here's the gorgeous veranda. I would have given my left arm to be married at this place, but it would have cost literally the price of our first house, so it was a no-go.

I asked the valet to snap a photo and it came out mega blurry. Oh well. It's memories, and sometimes great memories end up a little blurry anyway...if you know what I mean :)

Back at the Carriage House....happy first anniversary :) Credit for this photo goes to the Nikon D40 self-timer and the roof of my Subaru.


The next day it rained, so we weren't able to take Oatsy to Mystic Seaport and show her where we got married. She was really sad so we'll have to take her there another time. We were all pretty tired anyway so we headed home and spent the day relaxing, much like we basically spent this week a year ago, relaxing daily in the Dominican. I'll get to those pictures soon....


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary guys....looks like you all had a fabulous time. I hope Oatsy got a goody bag from your fancy dinner?!?!?!? Love you xoxoxo Love Mom

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