Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes its nice when your husband doesn't use the internet...

I made something Thursday for the house...did an art project while basically sitting on my rump all morning while my hubby was at work.

I had found an old 2x4 on the beach and it looked "sea-kissed" to me and pretty cool. I picked it up and put it in my bag as David laughed at me....what else is new. It's been sitting around for a while until I finally decided I wanted to put latitude and longitude numbers on it. I looked up the exact number for our house here by using the "Satellite" option and zooming in A LOT, and converted the lat/long numbers here...

and got to work being crafty and using some of my pinterest-learned skills!

I simply printed out my numbers in a font I liked at a good size for the board, lined them up (I attempted to measure to make sure everything was exactly centered but then realized eye-balling would be fine for this project), and lightly taped it in a few spots to hold the paper in place. Then I traced (pressing hard) around the font in pen to make my indent in the wood. I did use a ruler in some spots because the wood made it tough to make straight lines.

After I was done I peeled up the paper and checked to make sure I got every spot before I completely removed the tape, and all looked good.

Then I traced my indentations in pencil to make them easier to see.

Then I got to painting! Again, the paint job is sub-par - I'm no artist. But again, I figured this project wasn't meant to be exactly perfect - it's on a old 2x4 for crying out loud. It took me maybe an hour (?) to paint and then I just let it dry.

Oatsy watched while basking in the sun...

When David got home I showed him my sweet skillllllls and he was blown away. This is why I say it's nice when your husband doesn't know that everyone and their mom on the blogisphere is doing this. He says, "Wow I really can't believe how cool this is - you could sell these!" Yeah honey, except how often do I find old 2x4's on the beach? Not to mention my paint job is pretty shoddy. Oh, and that whole thing about how literally everyone is doing this. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that though, and just basked in the glory of his excitement.

Here it is above the door from our living room to our kitchen:


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