Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Week - Honeymoon: Week 2

WARNING! This post is only puppy pictures! Stop reading now if you don't like to look at cute puppy pictures. Wait...???? Well if that's you, you probably wouldn't be on this blog anyway.

So we spent exactly 3/4 of a day together before we picked her up. We spent half of that time puppy proofing our house, the rest of it shopping for groceries and random home goods, like all the crap stuff you don't think about and wish you didn't have to buy when you move into your first house. These include (but are not limited to) a plunger (yay), trash can/bags, cleaning products, rubber bands (yeah, right?), sponges, TP, etc. You get the picture. It's annoying how quick that stuff adds up at the cash register, but ya need it [insert shoulder shrug here]. We also made a few stops to prepare for the baby (I say that because it's true) we were about to bring home, to be sure she would have food, a bed, and a dog bowl, as well as a few toys. And then we drove to get said baby.

Here's the litter when we got there to pick her up.
The rest of these sweet babies had already gone to their new homes. Thank goodness there were 3 left and not one. I warned David that if there was just Oats and one other puppy left when we got there that I wouldn't be able to handle not taking him/her home too. Who could leave one puppy alone after taking their last sibling? Not me. At all. And David said absolutely not, so thank God there were 3 left.
Man they are just precious.

Here's Miss Oats with her daddy. Squirming already. The two times before this that we went to visit her, she was perfectly calm and sweet. The day we went to pick her up? CRAZY. And so it began. That little dog completely had us fooled.

What happened next was literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. It was genuinely like they knew what was going on, that Oats was leaving. She stood up to the pen where her 3 brothers were and kissed them goodbye (or so we humans presumed). I'm just going to pretend that's what was happening because I think it's just so precious.

Goodbye guys! Love you!

After we spent some time with our lovely breeder letting Oats enjoy her time with her brothers and going over things, we headed to David's parents house to celebrate his mom's birthday. Yeah, that's right, we didn't even have enough time to go home with her. She went from saying goodbye to her brothers to meeting her two new...cousins? sisters? Whatever David's parent's dogs Nicky and Barley would be to her.

I guess I didn't get any pics of her with Barley, just Nick. They look so much alike it's amazing. It's so nice to have these since Oats only got the chance to know Nick for a few months before she went to dog heaven. As for not taking any pictures of Barley that night....I have about 4,931 of them together since, so I think it'll be okay.

Then we made a quick stop at my parent's house (thank God we all live close) before heading home because we knew they would want to see her. She said hello for a few minutes, then fell asleep on the kitchen floor for the rest of the time we were there. Literally didn't budge. To be fair, it was quite a long day for all of us.
We spent the rest of the week introducing her to her new home and playing with her...and we threw in a little house and crate training too. For all her craziness, we have to hand it to Miss Oats because she was house trained in less than a week. We were still unpacking/moving so I didn't take many photos of our house, just Oats. My camera didn't actually see another subject for about 3 months.

It's amazing to me looking back now, at these year-old photos, of how much she's grown. I forget how little she was unless I look back at the photos, because even now I still look at her like a puppy, but she's definitely become a dog. I mean, look how little she is next to David's hand!
She slept a lot more then too, back when little things would wear her out faster. Now, not so much...

And that became our life. Playing with and training Oats and unpacking and setting up our home. It's a year later and we're still doing all of those things. Yes, our house still has things that aren't unpacked or set up...don't judge, it's a long process.

Stay tuned for a post soon with Oatsy's monthly photos from her first year, because we're weird like that, and like I said, she is our baby [insert another shoulder shrug here].


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