Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, we really had a party for Oats....

Oatsy turned the big O-N-E in July (I'm playing blog catch up from the summertime) and we had a little party for her after some requests from the family. It was small and just the family, since our pup is a little "too friendly" as we affectionately call her, so she can't have too many people over at once. David's mom brought Barley and they wrestled played the whole time. Poor Oats, she only has one dog friend. She might've had more if she didn't act like Marley in her doggy behavior class.

We did send out invitations because I'm a supernerd about invites/graphics/fonts and had to make something, although I pretty much think our parents would have come anyway.

Here's my pretty dark (sorry) photo of the food table:

These "pupcakes" were supposed to look like dog bowls with kibble in them. Oh well, I think you get the point.

All the other foods had to also have corny pseudonyms too, obviously.

And Oats needed water bottles for her guests, so we labeled these. I wish I had gotten a better shot because on the back of the label was the bunting graphic I made for the invites.

We moved outside after we snacked so Oats and Barley could go in the kiddie pool and destroy all her new toys. Literally. Like she got this football 10 minutes before this photo was taken. She kept playing with it though for the next month, it just looked naked but it still squeaked. Way to go Kong.

I brought out cupcakes for the two pups with homemade bone treats on top and a really terrible frosting job. They didn't care. After I removed the candle and cupcake liners, the "pupcakes" were gone in one bite per dog. It was so quick I couldn't even get a photo of them scarfing them.

We set up a "doggy bag" treat bar for Oatsy's guests to fill bags to bring home for their own pups. My grandma and aunt both have cats, so Oats picked out the Friskies "Party Mix" for them to take home as favors. Seemed appropriate. From left to right, we had toys, including whiffleballs (a Wright family dog favorite), tennis balls and racquetballs, then a mixture of some veggie and mint treats from the dog treat bar at Petco, followed by my homemade peanut butter goodness treats, and of course, milk bones. This was great, because we had dog treats up the wazoo for months after.

We took Oatsy's one year photos the next afternoon on her actual birthday. She was still somewhat pooped out from her party the day before so it helped with doing the photo shoot. Just like every month, we got one good one, and then she took off with the cardboard "1" I made for her party.

It was cute and successful, and Oatsy got to play with all her favorite people, or shall I say, the only people she knows? She was also very blessed with many great treats and toys that made her happy and kept the nutcase busy for a while. Thanks to everyone who made her birthday special! Happy 1st birthday little bear!


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