Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Couple of Boobs

Sorry I've been MIA from blogging for a week. It's so much easier to post when you're sitting home for a week and a half bored out of your mind. Anyway, here's a glimpse of our Halloween costume...
8 tries with the camera on self-time and we still couldn't link our bra perfectly, but you get the idea.

Here's how I made them. Got 2 large bouncy balls from the bin at Walmart ($2.50 each):

And when I tried them under the XXL shirt I bought ($3), it was still gigantic, so I deflated it.

And I bought one yard of red sequined fabric ($1.50) to use for both sides of the bra. The whole thing cost $9.50 for 2 costumes, so I decided that's our price to beat for next year.

After I deflated the ball and made it a little more reasonable, I just wrapped the fabric around myself and measured, and cut, and measured, and cut, and sewed, and back and forth between the mirror and the sewing machine, all while wearing the giant boob under my shirt. Fun times. First I cut straps from the edge of the fabric and sewed that into a decently nice strap.
These are my ideal sewing projects because I'm not great at sewing, and they don't have to be anywhere near perfect. Just what I like :) Then I cut the bra part in a triangle.
Then I sewed the strap on. I did the same for David's once he got home, and it was much faster the second time around.
Simple as freaking pie. Then we wrapped them around us, tied the traingle in the back and safety pinned the strap. Viola, we are boobs. Here's our costume with Ted the Bear.
And we made bloody marys for the Halloween party. Gross. I hate them but they are blooooody, hence, Halloween appropriate.
We didn't win the costume contest (cough...rigged...cough) but I did win the candy corn guessing contest - woot woot. Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ice Fishing Wardrobe Wish List

Still early in the football season, but as I mentioned in my post about our football pool, I haven't been doing super hot. If I lose, I'm pretty sure David will be planning an ice fishing trip with his winnings.....happy happy joy joy. Not that I mind ice fishing, but there's certainly other things I'd rather be doing on a cold winter day, like anything else.

Even if somehow I pull through (there's still many many weeks left so cross your fingers for me), we'll probably be going ice fishing at least a few times this winter, so it inspired me to start making a wish list for things I'll need for those chilly winter days. I have a few items already, but I am in desperate need of a new winter coat and snow pants, since literally mine are both from high school. In the case the snow pants, maybe middle school. Yeah I'm not kidding. It's time.
1. Mad Bomber Hat $89.99
2. Green Winter Coat $200
3. Gray snow pants $59.99
4. Reversible hat $44.95
5. Silver Jacket $320
6. Black snow pants $39.99
7. Knit scarf $44.95
8. Black gloves $35
9. Shearling-Lined Boots $99

The hats and boots I put there for perspective of the outfits, but I do already have a wonderful ear-flap hat as well as shearling lined boots from L.L.Bean (see below). The ones are above are similar but on mine the tops are leather, and I love love love them. They are one of my absolute favorite wardrobe items I own, because they are unbelievably warm and they are from Beans so I can get a replacement....for life. Gotta love that customer service.
Here's an ice fishing photo from 2 years ago (last year we didn't get any ice...literally). You can see my hat and semi-see the boots. Just take my word for it, they're great. And you can see our sweet setup....yup, we have a tent.
And a sled for our gear made out of old skis and PVC pipe. This year I found David a new one (let me rephrase that..."additional one") at a flea market, David's bro bought him a space heater, and his mom bought us a rug for the tent (they really got us all geared up) so I'll take an updated photo this year.

Here's what I caught that day:
Anyway, back to the new wardrobe...I've been wanting a white winter jacket for forever, but I have this lovely white vest from Eddie Bauer.... I opted to search for green and gray coats.

I have to say that I normally don't spend much on clothes. I haven't bought any clothes full price since college I think. However, in the case of winter coats, boots, and things that need to last and have a responsibility to keep me warm, I think it's ok to spend some $$. Like I said, the winter coat and snow pants I currently own, though now a little too small, are the same ones my mom bought me 15+ years ago and are still going strong (they're both Columbia I think).

The green coat (#2) is fun, a different color, and super duper warm, but green won't really go with my hat, or my pink vest, so option two is the gray North Face (#5), which I think is the winner. I love it because it's gray on the outside so it'll go with everything, and then it's lined with a white removable fleece - oh goodness I'm in love. I have a black North Face fleece (see photo above) but I've been wanting a white one for a few years now (the yellow puppy fur is VERY obvious and very sticky on the black fleece). I originally found this coat on the Cabelas site but everyone sells it. Christmas list?

For the pants, either pair from Cabelas are good but with the white jacket I'll probably go with the black pants, which are less expensive anyway...sweet. They are regularly priced $39.99, but David is a Cabelas rewards member so we're always getting coupons and he gets I'm sure I can score a good deal on these.
The gloves and scarf are a "maybe if they go on sale" kinda we'll see.

So there's my super long-winded ice fishing wardrobe inspiration and writing this post helped me figure out what I really need the thanks blog. My 2012 Christmas list has begun :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Etsy Inspired

It's no secret I love the website In fact, a great majority of my wedding ideas and purchases were Etsy inspired.

The nautical rope leashes for the dogs from The Fair Lead:
 The striped dog collars from Collars With Color:
The necklace I wore for the rehearsal dinner from kirevi8:
Bracelets for my bridesmaids from Sabtis Designs. Estee from this shop even made these custom for me because I wanted this specific clasp. They were AMAZING!
Succulent plant favors from Succulents Galore:
 The compass I bought for my dad from Jersey Maids:
 The bracelet for one of our ceremony readers from Hand Stamped by Lorelei:
There were a few other purchases, including even a piece of art I used for our invitations, as well as about a million other ideas I took from Etsy and its extraordinarily vast array of creative sellers. I don't shop for anything now without checking Etsy first. Today, Etsy's giving away ten $100 cards and you can enter by using this link. Every time you click, it helps me get closer to winning too. Thanks for the help friends! Happy shopping!

Wisdom Tooth Adventures

So it's been over a week since my surgery and I'm finally getting back to [sort of] normal. Monday was brutal at work, probably the worst day since the surgery, but I made it to 4:30 when I returned the the oral surgeon. That office was fabulous. They didn't make me feel like the huge wimp I was being, even though a 3 year old girl came out while I was in the waiting room, handling her post-surgery like a champ.

They treated me for a dry socket (ouch) and told me I was dehydrated. Yup....dehydration makes sense. I drank only ginger ale for the first 2 days after my surgery and didn't eat much for a week. So since Monday I've been drinking my life away in juice, water and gatorade. That is, once this holy-stinky-socks dry socket dressing kicked in and rocked my world. This stuff made me feel like a whole new person.

So I am finally feeling much better and appreciate everyone's help and prayers. This procedure did not go at all as I expected, but I'm glad it's over and recovery has begun. Now I know why I put this off for 10 years.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Congrats & Thanks Are In Order

Congratulations to my sweet hubby for taking a career risk and making it happen. It's going to be great and I'm proud of you for moving forward in your job.

Here's what I left David to find when he came home from work. Don't even think about judging my fridge...I buy a lot of eggs and milk, ok? I was actually feeling halfway decent today and managed a 3 minute stop at the package store on my way home. I'm a big fan of fridge surprises, although I wish I had time for more than lined paper triangles. Whoops.
& thank you to all the people that have been praying for me and helping me this past week, mostly my hubby and my mom (of course). Thanks for all the mushy food and for letting me be a pain in the butt when I didn't feel good. Sean...thanks for not expecting much out of me for your visit home and for sitting around with me all weekend like the couple of kindered spirits bums we are.

Another thanks - my mom surprised me with this little guy on my desk when I came back from lunch at work today. She's the best :) I already have a seahorse thanks to my brother and sister in law so now I have two Alex & Ani's. Gosh I'm so fashionable. According to David I need one more. Anyone else vote that he's next in line to buy it?
AND I got permission from the doc to get a milkshake, so I was all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake. Maybe the expression should be "like a sick kid on a milkshake." Hmmm.

Milkshake, bracelet, pumpkin beer and a new job. Oh and Madagascar 3 for free (thank you Redbox). Not too bad for a Tuesday.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Front Porch Decor

I tried this year....I did okay. I wish I had a larger front porch. I'm so jealous of the big ones that can fit rocking chairs. That's okay though, in our "forever house" which we affectionately call it as we dream, David will surely be building me a huge wrap around porch. For now, I just have this little guy. A couple steps. But even though it's small, it needs to be festive for fall.

Here's what I came up with this year. I think it could use some corn stalks or something, oh and some paint on those ugly steps, but that's for another time. That upside-down-witch's-hat planter also needs a flower. Sheesh I am a slacker.

I put some burlap around the mum and kale pots cause they were a tad unappealing to the eye, and tied them with twine. Simple simple. Gosh I love that kale.
The wreath was a quick throw-together. I needed something and I don't have a lot of fall decor available. Remember I'm new to this whole house thing. I did get these fake leaf strands from JoAnn's on 70% clearance last year so I just twisted them around my branch wreath and safety pinned them.
So that's what I got for now. Our front door needs to be a new color, don't ya think? For the fall though the color actually works. Sorry though door, in the springtime you're on my painting list!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dreaming of football....

David's parents get us season tickets to UConn football every year and we all go as a fam. We love it. We get there crazy early and have ridiculously awesome tailgates. And let me tell is a beautiful day for a tailgate and a game, and I should be there.

And where am I? Home. Just me and Oats. Yup....because this surgery is kicking my butt. I have been feeling crappy all week. I worked Wednesday only and otherwise have pretty much been resting and I still feel awful. Yesterday my mom took me to Goodwill and we were probably there for 20 minutes and I was wiped out. I did get a brand new tripod for $7, but I could have done much better if I hadn't been exhausted so quick. What the heck is wrong with me?

So anyway, here's what I should be doing today:
It was a tad warmer that day I'd be bundled up like the Michelin Man drinking hot chocolate, like the boys were at this game. Left to right that's my brother Sean, my brother-in-law Andrew, David's best friend Kyle and David.
It's super windy in the field where we tailgate so David's dad built this "wind-shield" to block the wind from the grill, and I painted it with the UConn "C". I love this guy.
So I hope my fam is having fun at the game today....missing you as I sit home and eat my cream of wheat and mashed potatoes. Lame.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decorating My Shelves

When David and I first moved into this house I didn't have any shelves, anywhere....and I felt at such a loss around the holidays especially because I didn't have anywhere to put any decor. Finally we got this piece of furniture from JCPenney's just before the holidays on a super sale so I think it cost only around $200. Pretty good since the comparable Pottery Barn one costs $600 on sale.
This is right after we got it so I had only put one thing on the shelf (one of the fishing baskets we used at our wedding filled with faux evergreen stems) but it now has more on it and was really the only shelf in the whole house I was able to decorate for Christmas.

When we started redoing the living room we decided to put in built-ins (more on the LR redo later - it's not quite done yet) and EIGHT more shelves got added to my repetiore, built by my hubby from my own design. It's nice to marry someone with power tools. As excited as I am for all these shelves, it's been a moderate challenge filling them all. I've had to do a lot of Goodwill trips and creative thinking to make the shelves look somewhat presentable.

Right before (and I mean the morning of) Oatsy's birthday party I realized there was absolutely nothing on my shelves and I wasn't about to entertain with bare shelves...that would be too embarrassing. So I literally threw anything I could find and some fresh flowers up there to make it look like something...and I was really proud of how it turned out in the hour I had. I left it like that, with just a few additions, for the remainder of the summer. So I bring you....summer built-in decorating: 
On the left side I put some shells, candles, fresh blue hydrangea (loving that I love a hydrangea bush at this house!), a buoy from our wedding, some books and a starfish (eventually a bunch of pretty bottles were added here as well, but remember this was day 1 and done in an hour. On the third shelf there's a few more books, a funky bike of a set that I picked up at an auction, and some empty mason jars and a starfish jar. Eventually I plan to put some sand and shells in there but didn't have any at the time. On the bottom shelf I just threw a canvas I had made for the wall, but now that's where I have our wedding album. Please ignore the missing cabinet doors and the wrinkly chair cover.
On the right side, a fishing creel basket, an apothecary jar with beach glass, a book called Why Dogs are Better than Cats (don't judge us, it was a gift), an antique CT license plate from a flea market, another empty vase (ok, ok I'll get some sand and shells for next summer), books, bike, plant, frames, flowers, baskets and a dog picture. Not bad for the time crunch.
So now that it's fall, I bring you Autumn Built-in Decorating of my 8 shelves. I better start collecting a lot more pretty things for every season because this is a lot of shelves and this is only one wall of one room.
Left side (the bottom shelf is holding all of our anniversary and birthday cards so it's a little cluttered at the moment - bear with us):
The right side is my favorite. When I put that football on the shelf I thought Oats was going to take down the built-ins to get to it. I think it looks cute though with the football game chalkboard on the windowsill :)
Decorating for fall was so much fun I can't wait for wintertime!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Own Football Game

David & I didn't do fantasy football this year. Instead, we decided to have our own little competition. We found a great site that gives us the weekly football spreads and we make our picks. It's not gambling...just saving, right? Each week we make our picks and each put $10 into a jar. At the end of the season, we will use the money to take a trip somewhere, and the winner gets to decide where. Putting in $20/week means that by the end of the season we'll have $420 for something fun. I'm big time behind David in points right now, so I'm already planning how I'm going to stay warm during the ice fishing trip I'm sure we'll be taking in February.

The Wright's version of in-house football picks:
1. Picks must be completed before the first game of the week on Thursday night
2. No looking at the other person's until all your own picks are chosen
3. Each person's $10 must be in the jar before the Thursday night game
4. The winner at the end of the season gets to plan a trip of their choice with the $420 in the pot
5. The trip must not exceed $420, including travel expenses
6. The trip must be completed before the start of the following football season

Here's how we make our picks. Just circle your choice. Teams in caps are home. At the bottom there's lines for your Best Bet and Score. The Best Bet is just, well, your best bet of the week. If you get it you get an extra point. The score is the total score you guess for the Monday night game. If you get it exact, you get another extra point. Yup, it's pretty simple, and pretty doggone fun.
We're keeping track using our chalkboard that seems to come in handy for everything. Here it is for our Memorial Day party invite and here it is for Oatsy's birthday. From now until February, it is being used to track our football picks:

(That's after the first week, when we were tied. I can't show it now, I'm too embarrassed....)

This has become our fun way of competing during football season instead of doing fantasy football, and it really helps me get into watching the games with David (besides the Giants, which I always watch), so it's great for him. You can do the game with your own significant other or family or friends, with or without putting any money in a pot. We just thought it would be a good way to save some money and get away for a trip sometime next year.

As I said I'm down by quite a bit, so I need a big comeback this week. Rally caps on!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hillbilly Day

I now have 4 less teeth than I did this morning. Fortunately, the surgery went fine and I have gained all the feeling back in my lips and tongue. Strangely enough, this was actually a concern because the doc told me that "after age 25 the likelihood of losing feeling in these areas begins to increase" and sheesh I'm so old now at 27.

It's been a pretty crappy day but it's been nice to have David and Oats to take care of me, and I've been icing so much my face isn't swollen at all anymore. Hip hip hooray for sick days.

Here's my splendid 12-hour post-op wisdom tooth surgery look. Sexy huh? You may think not, but it's a pretty hefty improvement on my 1-hour post-op look. Eeek.
And here's my great support team:

We're all just a big bowl of cherries around here. But the worst part is over. Thanks to my fam & friends for your prayers today.

And in honor of today, I leave you with the video that continued to make me chuckle during my time in waiting room at the oral surgeons. Thanks youtube. I am so glad this wasn't me after my surgery. I don't even think I said anything ridiculous. Phew.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thrill Before the Drill

Tomorrow at 8:15am I will finally succumb to my decade-long fear of the oral surgeon. Yes, I have to get my wisdom teeth out - all 4 of them. And yes, I've been putting it off for 10+ years. Now one of them has a cyst on it, so I guess it's my mouth telling me it's time.

So this weekend I made David have some food fun with me for my thrill before the drill, as I'm calling it. You know, like fling before the ring but way less fun in all aspects.

Thursday night - PIZZA (with eggplant - my fav)
Friday night - Steak with carmelized onions & french fries, italian bread with garlic dip & merlooooot :)
Saturday lunch - Homemade lasagna
Saturday afternoon - Riiiiight. So we tried to go apple picking so I could enjoy me a juicy freshly picked apple before I can't chew for a while, but evidently the rest of Connecticut wanted to pick apples too. Literally we couldn't even pull into either orchard, so we called it a day after driving for an hour and trying to get into both, and bought apples at the grocery store. We didn't even care enough to seek out a farmstand. Oh well.
Saturday dinner - After apple picking was a bust, we headed to Lenny & Joe's for our last fried seafood of the summer courtesy of a gift card we've been stashing for a while. After we got home I made choc chip cookies because if I'm eating my favorite things, these must be included.
Sunday morning - HUGE diner breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and toast
Sunday dinner - Pork roast (homemade by my hubby) with potatos, apples, onions and probably a thousand other delicious ingredients I don't know about but can't wait to eat. Oh, and warm biscuits....yesssss. He's been working on that guy all day.

Oh and a couple last Shipyard Pumpkin Ales (thank you Maine) before I get all drugged up and can't drink anymore for who knows how long.

So that was my "last weekend of being able to chew things and eat anything with seeds and small pieces" menu. Looking back I think it was pretty awesome. Only thing I wish we could've done was go to the fair, but our town's isn't until next weekend, so oh well. Next year.

I don't have any pictures. Maybe I'll take some this week while I'm stuck home. That is the nice thing about this week....and why I chose to do this surgery now because I can take every day off but Wednesday this week. I'm super excited about that. Hopefully I will be at least somewhat unswollen and uncranky by the time by little bro comes home on Thursday.

Wish me luck!
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