Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Couple of Boobs

Sorry I've been MIA from blogging for a week. It's so much easier to post when you're sitting home for a week and a half bored out of your mind. Anyway, here's a glimpse of our Halloween costume...
8 tries with the camera on self-time and we still couldn't link our bra perfectly, but you get the idea.

Here's how I made them. Got 2 large bouncy balls from the bin at Walmart ($2.50 each):

And when I tried them under the XXL shirt I bought ($3), it was still gigantic, so I deflated it.

And I bought one yard of red sequined fabric ($1.50) to use for both sides of the bra. The whole thing cost $9.50 for 2 costumes, so I decided that's our price to beat for next year.

After I deflated the ball and made it a little more reasonable, I just wrapped the fabric around myself and measured, and cut, and measured, and cut, and sewed, and back and forth between the mirror and the sewing machine, all while wearing the giant boob under my shirt. Fun times. First I cut straps from the edge of the fabric and sewed that into a decently nice strap.
These are my ideal sewing projects because I'm not great at sewing, and they don't have to be anywhere near perfect. Just what I like :) Then I cut the bra part in a triangle.
Then I sewed the strap on. I did the same for David's once he got home, and it was much faster the second time around.
Simple as freaking pie. Then we wrapped them around us, tied the traingle in the back and safety pinned the strap. Viola, we are boobs. Here's our costume with Ted the Bear.
And we made bloody marys for the Halloween party. Gross. I hate them but they are blooooody, hence, Halloween appropriate.
We didn't win the costume contest (cough...rigged...cough) but I did win the candy corn guessing contest - woot woot. Happy Halloween everyone!


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