Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decorating My Shelves

When David and I first moved into this house I didn't have any shelves, anywhere....and I felt at such a loss around the holidays especially because I didn't have anywhere to put any decor. Finally we got this piece of furniture from JCPenney's just before the holidays on a super sale so I think it cost only around $200. Pretty good since the comparable Pottery Barn one costs $600 on sale.
This is right after we got it so I had only put one thing on the shelf (one of the fishing baskets we used at our wedding filled with faux evergreen stems) but it now has more on it and was really the only shelf in the whole house I was able to decorate for Christmas.

When we started redoing the living room we decided to put in built-ins (more on the LR redo later - it's not quite done yet) and EIGHT more shelves got added to my repetiore, built by my hubby from my own design. It's nice to marry someone with power tools. As excited as I am for all these shelves, it's been a moderate challenge filling them all. I've had to do a lot of Goodwill trips and creative thinking to make the shelves look somewhat presentable.

Right before (and I mean the morning of) Oatsy's birthday party I realized there was absolutely nothing on my shelves and I wasn't about to entertain with bare shelves...that would be too embarrassing. So I literally threw anything I could find and some fresh flowers up there to make it look like something...and I was really proud of how it turned out in the hour I had. I left it like that, with just a few additions, for the remainder of the summer. So I bring you....summer built-in decorating: 
On the left side I put some shells, candles, fresh blue hydrangea (loving that I love a hydrangea bush at this house!), a buoy from our wedding, some books and a starfish (eventually a bunch of pretty bottles were added here as well, but remember this was day 1 and done in an hour. On the third shelf there's a few more books, a funky bike of a set that I picked up at an auction, and some empty mason jars and a starfish jar. Eventually I plan to put some sand and shells in there but didn't have any at the time. On the bottom shelf I just threw a canvas I had made for the wall, but now that's where I have our wedding album. Please ignore the missing cabinet doors and the wrinkly chair cover.
On the right side, a fishing creel basket, an apothecary jar with beach glass, a book called Why Dogs are Better than Cats (don't judge us, it was a gift), an antique CT license plate from a flea market, another empty vase (ok, ok I'll get some sand and shells for next summer), books, bike, plant, frames, flowers, baskets and a dog picture. Not bad for the time crunch.
So now that it's fall, I bring you Autumn Built-in Decorating of my 8 shelves. I better start collecting a lot more pretty things for every season because this is a lot of shelves and this is only one wall of one room.
Left side (the bottom shelf is holding all of our anniversary and birthday cards so it's a little cluttered at the moment - bear with us):
The right side is my favorite. When I put that football on the shelf I thought Oats was going to take down the built-ins to get to it. I think it looks cute though with the football game chalkboard on the windowsill :)
Decorating for fall was so much fun I can't wait for wintertime!


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