Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Front Porch Decor

I tried this year....I did okay. I wish I had a larger front porch. I'm so jealous of the big ones that can fit rocking chairs. That's okay though, in our "forever house" which we affectionately call it as we dream, David will surely be building me a huge wrap around porch. For now, I just have this little guy. A couple steps. But even though it's small, it needs to be festive for fall.

Here's what I came up with this year. I think it could use some corn stalks or something, oh and some paint on those ugly steps, but that's for another time. That upside-down-witch's-hat planter also needs a flower. Sheesh I am a slacker.

I put some burlap around the mum and kale pots cause they were a tad unappealing to the eye, and tied them with twine. Simple simple. Gosh I love that kale.
The wreath was a quick throw-together. I needed something and I don't have a lot of fall decor available. Remember I'm new to this whole house thing. I did get these fake leaf strands from JoAnn's on 70% clearance last year so I just twisted them around my branch wreath and safety pinned them.
So that's what I got for now. Our front door needs to be a new color, don't ya think? For the fall though the color actually works. Sorry though door, in the springtime you're on my painting list!


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