Monday, October 8, 2012

Hillbilly Day

I now have 4 less teeth than I did this morning. Fortunately, the surgery went fine and I have gained all the feeling back in my lips and tongue. Strangely enough, this was actually a concern because the doc told me that "after age 25 the likelihood of losing feeling in these areas begins to increase" and sheesh I'm so old now at 27.

It's been a pretty crappy day but it's been nice to have David and Oats to take care of me, and I've been icing so much my face isn't swollen at all anymore. Hip hip hooray for sick days.

Here's my splendid 12-hour post-op wisdom tooth surgery look. Sexy huh? You may think not, but it's a pretty hefty improvement on my 1-hour post-op look. Eeek.
And here's my great support team:

We're all just a big bowl of cherries around here. But the worst part is over. Thanks to my fam & friends for your prayers today.

And in honor of today, I leave you with the video that continued to make me chuckle during my time in waiting room at the oral surgeons. Thanks youtube. I am so glad this wasn't me after my surgery. I don't even think I said anything ridiculous. Phew.


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