Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ice Fishing Wardrobe Wish List

Still early in the football season, but as I mentioned in my post about our football pool, I haven't been doing super hot. If I lose, I'm pretty sure David will be planning an ice fishing trip with his winnings.....happy happy joy joy. Not that I mind ice fishing, but there's certainly other things I'd rather be doing on a cold winter day, like anything else.

Even if somehow I pull through (there's still many many weeks left so cross your fingers for me), we'll probably be going ice fishing at least a few times this winter, so it inspired me to start making a wish list for things I'll need for those chilly winter days. I have a few items already, but I am in desperate need of a new winter coat and snow pants, since literally mine are both from high school. In the case the snow pants, maybe middle school. Yeah I'm not kidding. It's time.
1. Mad Bomber Hat $89.99
2. Green Winter Coat $200
3. Gray snow pants $59.99
4. Reversible hat $44.95
5. Silver Jacket $320
6. Black snow pants $39.99
7. Knit scarf $44.95
8. Black gloves $35
9. Shearling-Lined Boots $99

The hats and boots I put there for perspective of the outfits, but I do already have a wonderful ear-flap hat as well as shearling lined boots from L.L.Bean (see below). The ones are above are similar but on mine the tops are leather, and I love love love them. They are one of my absolute favorite wardrobe items I own, because they are unbelievably warm and they are from Beans so I can get a replacement....for life. Gotta love that customer service.
Here's an ice fishing photo from 2 years ago (last year we didn't get any ice...literally). You can see my hat and semi-see the boots. Just take my word for it, they're great. And you can see our sweet setup....yup, we have a tent.
And a sled for our gear made out of old skis and PVC pipe. This year I found David a new one (let me rephrase that..."additional one") at a flea market, David's bro bought him a space heater, and his mom bought us a rug for the tent (they really got us all geared up) so I'll take an updated photo this year.

Here's what I caught that day:
Anyway, back to the new wardrobe...I've been wanting a white winter jacket for forever, but I have this lovely white vest from Eddie Bauer.... I opted to search for green and gray coats.

I have to say that I normally don't spend much on clothes. I haven't bought any clothes full price since college I think. However, in the case of winter coats, boots, and things that need to last and have a responsibility to keep me warm, I think it's ok to spend some $$. Like I said, the winter coat and snow pants I currently own, though now a little too small, are the same ones my mom bought me 15+ years ago and are still going strong (they're both Columbia I think).

The green coat (#2) is fun, a different color, and super duper warm, but green won't really go with my hat, or my pink vest, so option two is the gray North Face (#5), which I think is the winner. I love it because it's gray on the outside so it'll go with everything, and then it's lined with a white removable fleece - oh goodness I'm in love. I have a black North Face fleece (see photo above) but I've been wanting a white one for a few years now (the yellow puppy fur is VERY obvious and very sticky on the black fleece). I originally found this coat on the Cabelas site but everyone sells it. Christmas list?

For the pants, either pair from Cabelas are good but with the white jacket I'll probably go with the black pants, which are less expensive anyway...sweet. They are regularly priced $39.99, but David is a Cabelas rewards member so we're always getting coupons and he gets I'm sure I can score a good deal on these.
The gloves and scarf are a "maybe if they go on sale" kinda we'll see.

So there's my super long-winded ice fishing wardrobe inspiration and writing this post helped me figure out what I really need the thanks blog. My 2012 Christmas list has begun :)


basha said...

where does one go ice-fishing?

Jen said...

We go to lakes around CT if it gets cold enough or NH/VT/ME :)

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