Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Own Football Game

David & I didn't do fantasy football this year. Instead, we decided to have our own little competition. We found a great site that gives us the weekly football spreads and we make our picks. It's not gambling...just saving, right? Each week we make our picks and each put $10 into a jar. At the end of the season, we will use the money to take a trip somewhere, and the winner gets to decide where. Putting in $20/week means that by the end of the season we'll have $420 for something fun. I'm big time behind David in points right now, so I'm already planning how I'm going to stay warm during the ice fishing trip I'm sure we'll be taking in February.

The Wright's version of in-house football picks:
1. Picks must be completed before the first game of the week on Thursday night
2. No looking at the other person's until all your own picks are chosen
3. Each person's $10 must be in the jar before the Thursday night game
4. The winner at the end of the season gets to plan a trip of their choice with the $420 in the pot
5. The trip must not exceed $420, including travel expenses
6. The trip must be completed before the start of the following football season

Here's how we make our picks. Just circle your choice. Teams in caps are home. At the bottom there's lines for your Best Bet and Score. The Best Bet is just, well, your best bet of the week. If you get it you get an extra point. The score is the total score you guess for the Monday night game. If you get it exact, you get another extra point. Yup, it's pretty simple, and pretty doggone fun.
We're keeping track using our chalkboard that seems to come in handy for everything. Here it is for our Memorial Day party invite and here it is for Oatsy's birthday. From now until February, it is being used to track our football picks:

(That's after the first week, when we were tied. I can't show it now, I'm too embarrassed....)

This has become our fun way of competing during football season instead of doing fantasy football, and it really helps me get into watching the games with David (besides the Giants, which I always watch), so it's great for him. You can do the game with your own significant other or family or friends, with or without putting any money in a pot. We just thought it would be a good way to save some money and get away for a trip sometime next year.

As I said I'm down by quite a bit, so I need a big comeback this week. Rally caps on!


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