Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thrill Before the Drill

Tomorrow at 8:15am I will finally succumb to my decade-long fear of the oral surgeon. Yes, I have to get my wisdom teeth out - all 4 of them. And yes, I've been putting it off for 10+ years. Now one of them has a cyst on it, so I guess it's my mouth telling me it's time.

So this weekend I made David have some food fun with me for my thrill before the drill, as I'm calling it. You know, like fling before the ring but way less fun in all aspects.

Thursday night - PIZZA (with eggplant - my fav)
Friday night - Steak with carmelized onions & french fries, italian bread with garlic dip & merlooooot :)
Saturday lunch - Homemade lasagna
Saturday afternoon - Riiiiight. So we tried to go apple picking so I could enjoy me a juicy freshly picked apple before I can't chew for a while, but evidently the rest of Connecticut wanted to pick apples too. Literally we couldn't even pull into either orchard, so we called it a day after driving for an hour and trying to get into both, and bought apples at the grocery store. We didn't even care enough to seek out a farmstand. Oh well.
Saturday dinner - After apple picking was a bust, we headed to Lenny & Joe's for our last fried seafood of the summer courtesy of a gift card we've been stashing for a while. After we got home I made choc chip cookies because if I'm eating my favorite things, these must be included.
Sunday morning - HUGE diner breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and toast
Sunday dinner - Pork roast (homemade by my hubby) with potatos, apples, onions and probably a thousand other delicious ingredients I don't know about but can't wait to eat. Oh, and warm biscuits....yesssss. He's been working on that guy all day.

Oh and a couple last Shipyard Pumpkin Ales (thank you Maine) before I get all drugged up and can't drink anymore for who knows how long.

So that was my "last weekend of being able to chew things and eat anything with seeds and small pieces" menu. Looking back I think it was pretty awesome. Only thing I wish we could've done was go to the fair, but our town's isn't until next weekend, so oh well. Next year.

I don't have any pictures. Maybe I'll take some this week while I'm stuck home. That is the nice thing about this week....and why I chose to do this surgery now because I can take every day off but Wednesday this week. I'm super excited about that. Hopefully I will be at least somewhat unswollen and uncranky by the time by little bro comes home on Thursday.

Wish me luck!


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