Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Sandy Day

First  and most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the devastation that was Hurricane Sandy. We were so, so fortunate, as were our friends and family, to live far enough inland that we were not affected. David and I didn't even lose power, so we feel very blessed.

I went into work Monday morning but headed home at noon and our office closed Tuesday. David has been working on a house on the shoreline, one that's being redone because it was destroyed in Hurricane Irene last year. Fortunately we found out it survived Sandy and he was able to go back to work today. I can't express enough how fortunate we feel. I know many people were not so lucky.

Anyway, since we both had a rare day off together yesterday, and the weather (surprisingly) was very nice for most of the day, we got a lot done around the house.

We finished our fence (saga of the fence to follow):
Here's a lovely afternoon sunshiney photo of our yard with the new fence (no we didn't rake yet):
And in honor of that %#$@& Sandy, I "sand"ed all day. I started with the unimportant projects, because it was my first time really using the sander. David helped a lot. He's much better with power tools than me (shocking). I worked on my canoe paddles that I picked up at a tag sale, and the small decorative paddles that David's had forever but were in sad shape.
Here they are post-sanding, minus the red painted spot on the right one because I left that for David. I'm such a sweet wife. I plan to do something fun with all of these. More to come.
Then I started work on the nightstands. We got these for free, with a matching dresser, from a friend of my dad's. I originally thought they were wood, but sadly learned they were particle board once I brought them outside and really looked at them.
The original plan was to sand and stain them, but that plan was foiled since they're not wood. Option 2 was to paint them white. So far, they've just been partially sanded.
We started to sand the rest at the same time the rain started, so that's as far as we got. But I learned to use a sander and we finished our fence. Overall a productive day. Here's Miss Oats and Mr. Sam Adams joining in the fun.
Happy Halloween!


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