Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New England Much?

This past weekend we went to Maine with David's parents for a shopping trip. Yes...dream weekend for the men. We stopped first in Kittery and went to the Trading Post and the Crate & Barrel Outlet....ahh heaven. Well, maybe more heavenly on non-holiday weekends when it's a tad less packed, but whatever. Seriously... first world problems. Then we continued north to Freeport to hit up Beans, which is the name I affectionately use for L.L.Bean and just recently learned is not a universal nickname. Looking at the few photos I took made me think could we be any more New England...

These were the L.L.Bean catalog covers when David and I were born. They have a whole wall of them. I think these are surprisingly fitting. David's is a canoeing/camping/fishing scene. My is people on a dock and sailboats. Beans gets us.
At one point I caught myself drinking New England Tea from my Western New England College travel mug while walking through the L.L.Bean store. I mean really.
David's mecca:
I took pictures while he shopped for ice fishing gear. Better hope we get some ice this year. Better hope we get these PJ's for Christmas too.
And finally, you know you're in New England when....
We actually didn't take any pictures of us. David and I both had colds so we weren't exactly at 100%.'s a photo from the last time we were there. It looks the same. We look the same. Plus a pound or ten.
Yup....we love New England.


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