Tuesday, November 27, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, we bought Miss Oatsy a Thundershirt in preparation for Thanksgiving Day, which for us involves two houses, two dinners, and lots of people for Oats to shower with her craziness.

After hearing lots of great things about the Thundershirt, we asked our vet what she thought and she also gave a rave review, so we figured it was worth a shot. It's supposed to calm animals by basically swaddling them in the tightness of the shirt. Oats has been wearing hers for about 2 weeks now...whenever we bring her places or have people over, because those are the times she's the most hyper.

My opinion?


We have the craziest puppy since Marley, so we weren't really holding our breath, but this thing IS all it's cracked up to be. Everyone that knows Oats and has been around her pre-Thundershirt (which on Thanksgiving was basically all of our immediate and extended families) continually commented on how much calmer she was. It was awesome and we are thrilled. Even if it never works again, it was worth the $40 for that one day of moderate calmness. And surprisingly, she seems to like it. This from the dog that has tried to eat off her own collar tags.

The shirt reminds me of a cape when she sits like this. Hence the name THUNDERDOG. Add it to her list of 45 nicknames. And her big puff of fur around her neck reminds me of the Elizabethian Era neck ruffle....
Here she is on Thanksgiving, playing just like normal. Not even phased that she's being swaddled.
So here's my official big shout out to Thundershirt....thank you for helping calm our nutcase. I luuuurve this thing.


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