Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Craft #2: Tree Skirt

For my parents' first Christmas together, my mom sewed her own quilted tree skirt. She's so crafty and way amazing at sewing. When we got married I told her I definitely wanted a quilted homemade tree skirt like theirs, so we bought some fabric on Black Friday....last year....and there it sat. I'm not the best at completing projects, and sewing ones...oh boy.

I am litrally, in the words of Rob Lowe, the worst sewer ever. To be clear, my dad knows more about sewing than me. The other day I said to my mom...."I hadn't used my sewing machine in a while and I couldn't figure out why everything kept bunching up when I tried to sew." My dad, who never hears anything, overhears this, and states, "You forgot to thread the bobbin." Yes, thanks Dad. I had actually figured that out after 15 minutes but I'm glad to know I'm that dumb at everything homemaker. I should also mention he's never used a sewing machine in his life.

So I figured I should at least try to get this thing made for our second Christmas, since I slacked last year and had to use a tablecloth. Yeah. I told you I'm no Holly Homemaker. So anyway, here we are, 5 days before Christmas, in my typical last-minute fashion, and it's finally done. And no, it was not quick, or easy, and was moderately fun. As always, sewing is way more fun when you complete a full project without the seam ripper....HA. Well this bad boy was sewn, ripped, sewn, thrown on the floor, ripped, sewn, laid on by Oats, etc, etc, many times until it finally made its entrance under our tree tonight. It is totally imperfect. The squares are not even, the skirt is not circular, and the buttons don't line up with the button holes, but by golly it's better than a tablecloth. And I made it. So BAM...take that sewing! It's going under a tree and getting covered with gifts and pine needles, so hopefully no one will ever notice it's amazing crappiness. I'm just proud that I made it myself and I luuuurve the fabrics I picked. And it's ours, unique and homemade, and that's how I like things.

I used this Simplicity pattern circa 1983 my mom thankfully saved.
Every single time I put it on the floor to measure or pin, someone thought it was her new bed. I had to gate the room off whenever I used pins. Like I said, made with love and Oats is a slogan that's completely accurate for our life.
Actually when I put it under the tree tonight I swear she looked at it and looked at me as if to say, wait, that's not my Christmas bed? Here it is all finished. Go easy on me....yes I see that red square that's smaller than all the others.
Here's the detail....I was going to do lace like my mom but at the last minute decided this pom-pom trim was more me. And I added buttons. I love the trim, the buttons and the fabrics. It's us, and it's so nice to have this done and finally under the tree. Although now David's convinced I'm a quilter. I just laughed.
This will probably be my second and last craft this year...this one took a lot outta me and I have about a thousand gifts still to wrap so it can actually make itself useful holding them.
Hope you're all having a great week before Christmas!


basha said...

I was a horrible seamstress as well--at least you finished a project. I always felt dyslexic when it came to patterns, and often cut using the wrong side of the pattern. Loved the posting, though, and love having a window into your life, dear one.

Aunt Dot said...

Love your blog! I have never been a seamstress despite sewing lessons many years ago. I can knit tho & just finished an afghan for my new grandbaby - yea!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Glad you're enjoying it! I'm terrible with sewing and patterns too I always have to ask my mom :)

Jen said...

That's great! Knitting is my next goal I'm going to try that soon - got some needles for Christmas :) Hope all is well and congrats on your new grandson!

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