Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Craft #3 - Mistletoe

Yes this craft is coming to you post-Christmas. Yes I have a good reason for that. My college besties and I get together for a Christmas gathering every year and for the last few we've done it the week after Christmas, which is FABULOUS. It takes all the stress out of it when you get to do it after because there's so much less stuff on your mind. Anyway, last year we decided to do an ornament exchange instead of a secret santa and loved it so much we opted to continue the tradition. Last year one of my friends bucked the system and made picture frames for everyone, so this year I was the token system-bucker who made a non-ornament. I've been wanting artificial mistletoe for the house so I figured I'd make one for each of them too. David told me real mistletoe was toxic to dogs...I didn't google that to know if it's true but I still wanted fake. I'm not the best with plants.

Here's my little mistletoe tutorial. I totally made it up as I went along and although there's probably a much easier way, here's how I did it.
I bought two stalks of fake greenery at JoAnns and they are even fuzzy. I also bought some ball trim just a tad smaller than what I used for my tree skirt, and then I just used twine I already had. I made 5 of these so that's why I have 2 stalks of greens and lots the ball trim. Obviously for just one you'd just need one stalk or an even smaller different bit of artificial greenery....whatever tickles your mistletoe-making fancy.
I cut pieces of the greens off so each mistletoe had 4 twigs.
I had to piece them together to get 4 twigs so I held them with the twine. I just kept wrapping and knotting it around the top and then made a loop for hanging it.
Then I made the "berries" out of the ball trim.
I folded the small piece of trim in half and hand stitched it...
Then I folded it in half again and hand stitched so it formed a little ball. A ball of balls...this project just got weird.
I left a bunch of thread on the end because that's what I used to attached it to the greens.
Then I just pulled it tight to the stalk and looped the needle through to keep basically knotting it around the greens...see below. I did my best to take a photo:
I kept looping and sewing through the trim part of the balls...
So once I was finished it was very tight against the stalk, and I just knotted and cut the end of the thread. I did three clumps of the balls ("mistletoe berries") at different lengths on the leaves. Then I dabbed a little of my trusty Stiffy fabric glue (I'm sure most types of glue would work) on the back of the wrapped twine to prevent it from unraveling.
I just dabbed it on with a Q-tip and let it sit overnight.
Then I tied white and twine ribbons on the top to have some variety. Here's the four for my friends:
And then I hung mine up and tried to make David walk under the doorway :)
And there it little mistletoe craft.

Here's me with the girls and sweet Killian at our annual Christmas dinner and ornament exchange. He just jumped right up there and it only took 3 blooper photos before he posed like the little old senator that he is :)


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