Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Say Hello To My Little iFriend

I am now officially a smart phone user!

For Christmas, David thought he'd finally kick me into the 21st century with the phone I was convinced I didn't need, but now realize I luuuuuurve.....the iPhone FIIIIIVE.
I had this bad boy (2 versions of it) since 2005....the LG 8100 & 8300...and man did I love this phone. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love my LG flip phones so I thought it only right that they had their own blog post for the end of an era. Yes...8 years is an era. It speaks volumes for how long phones used to last. You know, back in the day. In 2005. But seriously, look at how beat up these are. One of them sat in salt water once for at least a minute, and they've both been dropped thousands of times...basically every single time I got out of my car and it was on my seat, but they're still going strong. The only reason I couldn't keep using the blue one is because the charger broke, so I switched the the gray version of it a few years ago. These phones both worked for everything I needed them to for many years...until I met the iPhone.
I was determined to stick with it and not give into the smart phone phenomenon, but now I can see what all the fuss is about. I had Instagram within about 2 minutes, and I've now added a gadget to the blog so you can see all our Instagram photos too, even if you can't follow us on an iPhone. It's funtabulous. Even David wants one now....oh boy.

Pretty impressive upgrade huh?
Happy Tuesday!


basha said...

I hope to be next--I have resisted and now want one--you are showing me the way. Love you.

Jen said...

Awesome! You'll love it!

AJ said...

LOVE the addition of the Instagram pics! Oats couldnt get any cuter if she tried - great to see Barley!

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