Sunday, February 10, 2013

Home Design Ideas I'm Diggin': First Edition

I'm going to be posting a series of Home Design Ideas I'm Diggin' - thought that was appropriate considering our blog's named after a dog....and I'm starting it on the appropriate day, since we're pretty much spending our weekend "digging out" from this blizzard.

I'll try to do it once a week. Don't hold me to that.

I've pretty much loved home design/decor/architecture since I could draw. I've been sketching my dream home on graph paper for as long as I can remember. And yes, I worked for an architect's office for 7 years (part time while in school) but that wasn't the career for me. I like design, not math. And trust me, most of that job is not the fun stuff you picture architects doing. So truly, just having a house of my own to mess with and experiment with, to decorate to my heart's desire, and to pour my heart into is a dream come true. And yes, I will continue to sketch my dream house and hope know that someday we'll get there.

So for the first edition of Home Design Ideas I'm Diggin' I'm going to give you a fun idea I've been diggin' pretty much since the beginning of time, and something that will most certainly find a way into my dream home but likely not my current one. And it reminds me of warmer times so it's necessary right now.

Drumroll please......The Outdoor Shower!

I mean, is there anyone who doesn't love outdoor showers? They are the epitome of beach living, and God knows we're beach people.

The fun part is....there's so many ways to design them. The one above looks like it's made from fence panels...genius and simple. This one's also very simple without any walls, for bathing suit showering I suppose. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, or you just want your neighbors to see you.

Don't be creepy your neighbors don't want to see that. I'm "diggin" showers with sides from now on.

I love this one, all secretive and built into the home:

And this "surf shack" shower is just too cool for school:

These people got creative (and smart) and put in a regular showerhead and a low one for cleaning sandy feet. Great for when you don't want to get your whole body wet.

You can go beachy...






Or make it a part of your bathroom, which is such a cool idea and there's so many ways to do it. Not sure I'd wanna do this in New England though.

But I think I like this style the best for my dream home:
Criss-crossed blue oars decorate the changing area of an outdoor shower.
Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn - Courtesy of Coastal Living
Good luck to all my New England friends and family "digging out" and I hope this reminded you of warmer times. Stay tuned for more Home Design Ideas I'm Diggin'.


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