Saturday, February 2, 2013

Its Superbowl Weekend....

....and in the words of my favorite vlogger (video blogger) Grace know what that means!

Oh yes, it means our 22 (is that right?) week long game of football pickin' is coming to a close. If you don't know what the hey I'm talking about, please reference this post. This is our score board and clearly my chalkboard pen has lost all its steam in the last 12 weeks or so. Seriously? It has to write 2 numbers a week my goodness. And yes I propped that football there for this photo because props are fun. Also if it was there all season Oats would have eaten it by now.
So I'm sure you can't read it because my pen is the worst, but the score going into Superbowl weekend is.......

Jen: 148
David: 161

Oh yeah. I'm killing it.

HOWEVER....the Superbowl is worth 16 buckaroos. I have been down all season so this would be a miracle. The other night we came to the realization that if we both picked the same team to win the Superbowl, that would be the end and I would have lost before the season was even over. Man would that have been a lame ending, and we can't have that around here.

I got lucky...for now. We picked different teams woot game's still on.

Jen: 49ers
David: Ravens
Spread: 3.5 points to the Ravens

(Auntie Jodi tell your team to GET IT TOGETHER I NEED THIS)

So I'll be letting you know on Monday (or whenever I can get my crap together and write a blog post) who won the season-long football picking game and who therefore gets not only bragging rights, but also gets to choose our mini-vaca destination.

Have a fabulous Superbowl Sunday! Go 49ers!

Oh yeah and Happy Groundhog Day....seriously who makes this stuff up?

**David pointed out to me after I posted this that the word "vlogger" in the first sentence looks like a spelling error. It's not. Vlogger means video blogger for anyone who doesn't love YouTube as much as me. I've added that into that sentence now. Also, the spread I posted for the game was's 3.5 points to the Ravens, I had the 49ers. It's since been corrected. This is what happens when women talk about football. JK JK.


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