Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Results Are In (Even Though You Already Know!)

Soooo evidently I must have been drinking or something when I wrote my last post. I'M JUST KIDDING it was at like 7am on a Friday. Not that that's never happened before. Just kidding Mom. Anyway, I posted mine and David's picks for the Superbowl aaaand then told you I'd let you know the results after the game. Wow. Unless you live under a rock, you already know I LOST.

So last night we went through our container of $$$ that we've been collecting weekly to make this competition more fun.
In case you didn't read my two previous football competition posts, we each put $10 per game into a jar and at the end, whoever won got to pick where we'd go with the money. Well, we'll admit it, we slacked....a lot. Does it look like there's not $420 in there? Remember I told you we slacked? We missed a whole lotta weeks, so we agreed we'd just spend whatever we had saved. Yeah, we only saved $280. Basically around the time the chalkboard pen stopped working well is I guess when we stopped putting money in the jar.
I blame it on Christmas. When I put out my Christmas decorations the jar got put in a cabinet and we sorta neglected it. Oh well. We have a $280 mini-vacation ahead of us at some point before the next football season. Since David won, he gets to choose where and what we're doing with the money, so stay tuned. If you know David, you know we're most likely going fishing somewhere. I just hope it's somewhere warm.


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