Monday, February 18, 2013

Was There Just a Holiday or Something?

A few years ago David and I decided that we didn't care much for celebrating Valentine's Day (bleghh). It's well known that most men don't like it, but as a woman I couldn't care less about it either. I'd much rather have David do something nice for me other times throughout the year than get me a gift because he feels obligated by society to do so. Don't get offended if you love Valentine's Day...that's totally your perogative. It's just not for us.

We did go on a date anyway....a real romantic our new favorite destination in CT for all you home improvement junkies....Connecticut Lighting Center.

I'm gonna just go ahead and call it "the brightest place on earth" - that's totally false but there are more lights there than I've ever seen in my life. You may have seen our Instagram photo of the lights but if you didn't, here's what it looks like inside, from my camera to your face.
They have just about every type of light you could every imagine, and so many rooms we didn't even go into them all. And the best part? They're open late and on weekends for those of us with jobs.

We picked up 2 pieces of hardware for a project but they had to special order them, so as soon as they come in and we get up there to pick them up, you'll get to see the finished product. I was so excited I didn't get a photo in the hardware room, but here's a photo from their website to show you that this hardware section kicks Lowe's butt.
Photo Credit: Connecticut Lighting Center
We weighed our options for a hallway light and we think we're gonna go with this boob lookin' guy:
And on our way out we grabbed this steal-o-the-century:
Yes, that's an adorable retro style fan for $24.95. I was kinda kicking myself for not buying two.

So there's my blog shoutout to a fabulous store, which not only has an unbelievable selection of lighting and hardware, but also had an amazing staff. I am a huuuuge sucker for good customer service, and if you do it right I will come back time and time again and tell everyone I know about you. These guys were AMAZING. If you live in the area, I highly recommend this place. And we haven't even gone in the Restoration Lighting Gallery yet. We shall return though once our hardware comes in and to get our new hallway boob light. Yes, lots of house projects are coming. I promise. I'm working David like a dog over here. Stay tuned....and Happy Valentine's (if you celebrate it) and President's (if you got it off) Days from the Wright family.


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