Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Weekend of Sadness & Puppies

On Friday evening, March 1, my family said goodbye to our sweet sweet Aunt Ruth (my great aunt on my mom's side) at the age of 93. She lived a long, wonderful, family and God-filled life, but she was ready to go to heaven. It makes for a bittersweet goodbye. Losing someone is always sad, but easier when you're know they are at peace with it. We will always love and miss you Aunt Ruth.

But....there's nothing that makes me cheer up faster than a puppy. Except maybe TWO NEW PUPPIES. Yes, this weekend David and I got to meet two new furry members of our extended family, and it was awesome. My cousin / our good friend Tim adopted 3 month old mixed breed puppy who traveled all the way from Arkansas. She is sweet, cuddly and super well-behaved. We were immediately BFFs. You may have even spotted her appearance on our Instragram feed on Saturday night. Her name is Lucy. Tim specifically told us she was not going to be allowed on the furniture, but within 10 minutes of bringing her home she was on the chair snuggling in his lap. I don't blame him, I couldn't say no to that face...
Then on Sunday David's brother Andrew and fiancĂ© Jaclyn drove to Portland, Maine to pick up their new floppy-eared bundle of love....Lily, an 8 week old bassett hound. Couple outta towners these two pups. Lily is just a rolly-polly pile of cuteness and she's such a snuggler. Little Oatsy used to snuggle in my lap all the time too but now she tries and nearly kills me, so it was a nice treat to have some snuggle action from these two little peanuts instead of a nearly hundred pound hound. Meet Miss Lily Pad...
Look at those ears! Literally she trips on them. It's one of those sorta-sad-but-you-can't-help-laughing things. She was so tired from her long day that when we got there Sunday night she was literally falling asleep as she walked. Hillllllarious.

So are these two not just the sweetest things ever?!?! It was just what I needed this weekend.


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