Friday, March 15, 2013

Dare to be Different

Sorry that I haven't posted much in the past's difficult without my laptop and access to all my photos. I'm doing minimal blogging for now via my phone and sometimes my parent's laptop but it will be limited until I get my new laptop battery....which evidently takes over a month to ship...sorry guys!

So anyway, remember how I told you we don't celebrate Valentine's Day? Did you think we just cut out a whole holiday and didn't find a more fun thing to celebrate in the boring dead of winter? No, we're more fun than that.

Instead of celebrating in February with the rest of America, we do a special celebration and gift exchange on...........St. Paddy's Day! Seriously, isn't this a much more fun holiday to celebrate than Valentine's Day?!? (Maybe we did sneak in a little Valentine's Day this year though...David found half price Lindt truffles the day after. A man after my own heart. Lindt chocolate? On sale? Yeah I don't care if it has hearts and flowers on the package or not....get in my belly!)

For our St. Paddy's Day celebration we usually do a traditional/delicious Irish dinner, drink good Irish beer and swap gifts....either green or Irish themed of course.

So David gave me my gift early this bag, green bow and green folder with my "travel documents"...
He combined my St. Paddy's Day gift with his winnings from the football pool we did this fall and planned a surprise trip for us to go away this weekend. He knew that if I had won the football pool money I wanted to do the super lamest thing ever and go to Long Island. I know what you're thinking. Long Island? In the winter? Or ever? (Don't be offended Long's just the drive we dread) So let me explain. There's an outlet mall there...a big one. And guess what's there? Oh yeah....the Pottery Barn OUTLET. I've been dying to go to the outlet and this Long Island store is the closest one to us. So a few weeks ago David told me not to make any plans this weekend because we'd be going away, and I was doing some seriously hoping and finger-crossing that we were going to LI. I figured if he decided to take me ice fishing he wouldn't be crazy enough to pretend like that was a "surprise" for me...I think that would have earned him negative brownie points.

So tonight we'll head out on the 2.5 hour trek to Long Island to spend the weekend shopping (poor David) and celebrating St. Paddy's Day together. And we could never travel anywhere without adding an aquarium he also bought tickets to the Long Island Aquarium....iiiiii'm psyched. We head out tonight so I'll hopefully have some pics for you next week. I've got all my house measurements ready to go to the PB Outlet and get stocked up :) Wish me luck!

Oh and Miss Oats? Sadly there were no hotels where we're going that allow large dogs (what is the discrimination against large dogs anyway?) so she will be staying with her best friend Barley for the weekend...
So she's guaranteed to be thoroughly exhausted by the time we get her on Sunday.


AJ said...

jen that is one very thoughtful husband you have. nice job david!!!

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