Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Ok so I'm like a week late on finishing this project, but that's kind of my style. I was so excited to announce my participation in my very first official Pinterest Challenge, and I figure my 5 readers don't really care about the fact that it was supposed to done last Wednesday. The Pinterest Challenge was started by the fabulous blog ladies of Bower Power and Young House Love. I've been reading both blogs for a long time and they started these "Pinterest Challenges," where you actually do something you've pinned, blog about it and link up your project with other bloggers.
Pinterest Challenge
I've learned thousands of ideas and tips on Pinterest but the fun of it is putting your own spin on the ideas that inspire you. People have been sharing ideas forever. When I was little my mom got tons of craft ideas from her magazines - classics like Family Circle/Better Homes/Parents. Some of those ideas even became family traditions. Others she came up with herself or got inspiration from friends, books, television, etc.

I think Pinterest is a wonderful combo of all those things for our today's generation. I still get a lot of magazines in the mail, but I find that many of the pictures/ideas in them are also on Pinterest. It's sad for the future of magazines, but nice for virtually saving ideas in one place as opposed to saving pages from old magazines in my tiny no-storage-space house.

So I'm excited to finally be blogging one of my Pinterest-inspired ideas. For my first official challenge I picked something super simple. I have enough complicated projects going on. For the longest time I've been wanting some Oats-inspired art for the house. We have lots of photos but I wanted something different. So here's my inspiration project from Modern Cottage Blog found on Pinterest:
Modern Cottage Blog

And I've had this one from Etsy in my shopping cart for probably a year now:

But it's more meaningful if you know the dog, right? Of course. So I started my Oats-profile-photo search, which leads me to the reason I'm so behind on this project. My laptop battery died last week and it's a little hard to do a photo project when all your photos and editing software are on a dead computer. But my parents let me borrow their laptop (thanks guys) for a few days, and I'm a photo hoarder on my camera so I managed to get a bunch of photos printed out using my SD card.

So I picked up a sheet of nice textured yellow paper from JoAnn's for 69 cents...
...and cut away with my mini craft scissors.
Then I just put it in a frame....simple as pie. Hahahaha just kidding, sort of. You didn't think I accomplished a project that easily did you? No. I went through hundreds of photos, printed dozens....
and cut about 15 silhouettes of my goober. I even had to go back to JoAnns for another sheet of yellow cardstock. Oats participated by wet-nosing all the photos. Do you see why this took me so long? I never have "simple" projects.
I cut so many because I wanted something that really showed her personality, but many of my cutouts didn't even look like dogs when I cut them, let alone Oats. So in the end I decided to go with of her as a puppy and one of her now. I think it's perfect, and you can really tell it's her. One is very similar to my original Pinspiration project, only because it was my favorite of Oats as a grown dog.

Here's the finished product! What do you think?
And there you have my first official Pinterest Challenge project. Happy Pinning!


AJ said...

nice job jen! love that they were Oats-approved...

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