Saturday, April 13, 2013

Classy Puppy Dining

This wasn't intentional, but my last two posts were dog-related so I thought, why not make it an even trifecta and do another one.

Earlier this week I talked about including dogs into home design by giving them their own spaces. Oats has many of her own spaces in our house, but I wouldn't exactly say they're pretty....her crate, her beds, her toys scattered we made her something pretty. David calls it a "throw it together project"....I call it awesome and I'm excited to show you how our little bear is now dining in style.
A few months ago David got some scrap pieces of Azek beadboard from a jobsite. These pieces were going to be thrown out because they were so small you realistically couldn't use them for anything. Unless you're us...hee hee hee. I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over them and suggested using them on the stairs, but there just wasn't enough. So we just figured we'd save them for when we could think of something.

Then one night randomly I heard the saw going in the basement. We'd been wanting something nice for Oatsy's food bowl, so I'd been brainstorming ideas but hadn't settled on one that I loved. We also desperately needed something because Oats is at the too-tall-to-be-eating-with-the-bowl-on-the-ground stage and we were getting sick of using an ugly stool to raise it to her height.

So basically, what I gathered from shooting a few photos as he worked and missing the beginning, is this:

He built a frame out of wood scraps with some wood glue and a finish (nail) gun.
Attached the corner pieces to a square to create a top, again with glue and nails...
Leaving a space around the base just wide enough to fit the beadboard...
Then attached the beadboard with the finish gun.
Then I had to find a bowl...which surprisingly only took me one night. I pretty much knew what I wanted and easily found it on Etsy. I ordered a personalized ceramic bowl from Symmetrical Pottery and then we waited...and Oats used the stand like this for a few weeks. Attractive.
I was ecstatic when the bowl came was perfect. Thanks Scott and Angi :)
So David just traced the circle around the bowl onto the top of the stand and cut out a hole with his jigsaw. These are the awesome quality iPhone pics he took for me while doing it. I gotta teach that boy how to center a photo and move his old broken down beer boxes from the workspace. Sheesh.
Then I filled the holes with white, paintable wood filler, sanded it down and covered it in spackle, cause that's how I roll.

When I painted it, I started by brushing paint into the grooves and then using the mini roller over the rest, including the top (which I did prime first because that was bare wood).
And now, Oats finally has her own pretty spot for eating...cause she really cares. We love it though...and it fits perfectly in the little spot in our kitchen where she eats.
Just in time for us to finish this food stand we also started Oats on Blue Buffalo food. Yes...our boojee dog seems to have some food sensitivities, so we figured if we were going to go with better, more expensive food, why not just get the best. Go big or go home, right? So now she's eating Blue Buffalo out of a beadboard food stand with a personalized bowl with her name on it. That's the epitome of boojee. And that's Oats...finagling her way into the best of everything, cause we just love her too much.


AJ said...

jen, dave and oats - just wanted to say that dave is becoming quite the craftsman!!! love the personalized bowl and oats certainly deserves the best - cuz she is just the best!!!
p.s. about your previous post with the toy boxes...when i babysat Lucy the other day Tim brought all lucy's toys in her toy bin so it was a great idea too!! but shhh dont tell him i told you!!!! ;)

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