Monday, April 22, 2013

Serve It Up

This was a relatively easy project that we put together recently to spruce up our bedroom a little while we prepare to fully renovate it. Everything takes a thousand years in our house.
I bought these small pieces of wood in the "craft wood bin" at Home Depot and they are so cheap it's ridiculous. Evidently this bin is only around during the holidays, but the rest of the year they still have a scrap bin that's 50 cents per piece. I used some of the narrower boards pictured below. They are made from poplar and they are 1/2" by 1-1/2" and come in 2' lengths, which was perfect for this project.
While I was at Home Depot I picked up 4 pieces of hardware...two girly and two manly as I'm calling them.
I measured my nightstands to see how big I wanted the trays and settled on an even foot long for each, with a width of 3 planks. I'm real scientific. It worked out perfectly that I chose 12" because the craft boards are  2' long, so I just measured the halfway point and used the miter saw to cut my three boards.
Those six pieces became the bottom pieces for my two trays. When I went to do the sides, the width of the board was a tad too high for what I was going for....
So we ripped them lengthwise in half with the table saw....
Then cut two of those boards in half at the 12" mark to make the longer sides, and then cut two at just under 6.5" for the ends (since I made two trays I needed four of each size).
Once all my pieces were cut I sanded them down a lot and roughed up the they don't look so manufactured. It's nice doing projects where the purpose is not to make things perfect. Much different than sewing.
 Then I stained all the pieces before putting them together. Stain can get drippy so I thought this would work easier and I'm glad I did it.
Then we used clamps to hold them in place and a brad nailer to piece together the frame first and then the bottom pieces.
Then I painted them with the same paint I used for the nightstands....Valspar's Antique White in Matte Finish.
You can see the stain coming through and the rough wood look.
I did two coats of paint to completely cover the stain. I don't know why, I just thought it would look better once I sanded it.
Then I took the electric sander to every surface of them until I liked the amount of stain that was coming through.
Then David helped me attach the hardware...different on each tray to make them really "his and hers." Can you tell which one's which? haha.
And there's the tale of our little rustic bedside trays. They help hold some of the items we had on our nightstands but now gives it a neater look.


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