Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Bedroom Has Begun

I described for you the progress we've made so far in our living room, but since we're not ready to finish that project yet, I got a jump start on another room I'm extremely excited about....our master bedroom. I made a mood board a while back but it's taken us a while to get started. This room will probably be a slow moving process but we're going to blog about our updates as we go. Call it the first real-time blog reno from the Wright's. Aren't you excited?

Here's the "before" photo so you know what we're working with here.
I started prepping the room by taking down the window cornices and sanding the areas where they were because they left marks on the wall and window trim.
There were indents in the walls from the cornices so I spackled them of course.
(I have a spackle obsession)
After the spackle dried, I sanded, primed, and then sanded again in those spots until they were nice and smooth. I also sanded the window trim to prep for my paint. Then I frog-taped the room and got my paint on.
This is what we were looking at....you can see the color of the door versus the fresh coat of white paint on the trim. The door color is what all the trim looked like....bleghh. What an amazing difference. Now I just need a painting date with that door.
While the trim paint dried in the bedroom, David had helped me remove the radiator cover and bring it into the basement to get a coat of paint as well, since it looked about as bad as that door. Don't you love my array of stuff to paint on? A dropcloth, 2 cardboard boxes, newspapers and flyers. Classy.
I also painted the part that was attached to the wall.
I just used the same paint as the trim, in case you're wondering. I know there are special "high heat" and special radiator paints, but I didn't bother with it for a few reasons. 1) The previous owners just used trim paint on these covers and didn't have a problem, 2) I used trim paint on the ones in the living room and they've been fine for a year now, 3) they aren't really "high heat" (like a grill would be) and I've read several places that regular paint is fine for the radiator covers.

So the trim is done! Next up....walls and doors.


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