Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Blog Needs a Room Reno

I mean, that was the whole point of starting this blog, really. We want to show our family and friends our little house and how much fun we're having (most of the time!) making it a home, and document it all for our own memories.

We've been working on our living room renovation for over a year now. I know. that's.too.long. I can't say we're not making progress, but it's been sloooooow. Here's what we started with. Super blah. Those cornices and curtains were from the previous owners. I hate them. And can we talk about that electrical wiring? Eeek.
And here's where we are now. Big improvement, but far from done.
Here's what we've done so far, sans photos because I suck and forgot to take them in the process. This stuff was done pre-blog so I wasn't thinking of photographing all the steps :(

·         Rewired all the electrical outlets (that was allll David and his dad so don’t ask me anything about it)
·         Patched up the ugly holes left from random outlets in the middle of the walls
·         Painted the walls and trim (with my dad’s help since this was my first ever room painting experience)
·         Painted the radiator covers
·         Installed crown molding
·         Installed new baseboard and shoe molding (quarter round)
·         Replaced the old doorbell box with a more subtle one
·         Replaced the window cornices with homemade curtains
·         Built, painted and installed the built-ins
·         Added a rug
·         Added a TV stand

The built-ins were our major project, although they still need a lot of touching up as well as some cabinet doors on the left side (those are missing in case you didn't notice). This winter we did a couple additional projects for this room that I'll be posting about soon. We do love how the room's slowly coming together, but I don't think we'll have an "after" photo to post any time soon. The main reason for that....the sofas. We have a great, old but good quality sofa set from David's parents. And we love them. They fit perfectly in our space and are so comfortable. But they're not the most appealing to the eye, and they're a little to matchy-matchy to the wall color. The wall color, by the way, is Valspar's Skinny Latte, and these photos don't do it justice. I love it. It was my first time ever choosing a paint color for a room. Nailed it.
Buying a new sofa set is out of the question financially right now, and we've looked into getting these slipcovered but it's almost as expensive as buying new ones. Maybe I'll try my amateur sewing skills at it...maybe....but not right now. Here is what I dream of:
Source: Pottery Barn
Ahhhh someday.....

So you won't be seeing our "after" living room photos quite yet. We'll try to keep up with some "progress" ones in the meantime.


Jali said...

What a wonderful job, it really looks great. Cabinets and shelving like that are lovely way to organise a room, there are a lot of custom made shelving like this as it can be a pain to find ones the perfect size to for your room. Again, fabulous job, you must be really happy how it has ended up.

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