Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Update

I have about ten unfinished blog posts right now. And a thousand unfinished projects (although that's nothing new). I had grand plans to finish several in the last week. So I suppose I should let you know what's been going on and why my mind is elsewhere. Our sweet puppy has been sick. For a good couple months now...on and off. We've been back and forth to the vet multiple times, but haven't gotten any answers. They don't know what's wrong with her.
It's been frustrating, draining, stressful...there's a thousand adjectives. None of them matter because we just want her to get better. She keeps getting an upset stomach...where she throws up frequently and wretches the rest of the time. When that happens, we put her on a "bland diet" of chicken and rice, then slowly transition her back to dog food. We were feeding her Nature's Recipe...high quality food. Once she transitioned back, she got sick. So we went back to bland diet and then transitioned her to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, then to Blue Buffalo, which is also for dogs with food sensitivities and is literally the best quality (and therefore the most expensive) dog food on the market. We have been unsuccessful with all of them.
Throughout this process she also developed a mass in her throat, which they believe to have been nothing more than a reaction to an airborne bacteria, which could have been from anywhere. Now she is back to her stomach issues, in addition to a new constant itching. It's all or nothing I guess.

Therefore, she is going back to the vet. We were trying to hold out in hopes that changing her food would solve the problem, but it's not. We are at a loss. And tired, and sad, for our little bear who just can't seem to break this, whatever it is. We will soon be starting her on a homemade food diet, so I'll give updates on how that's going.

Right now, we're trying to take it easy and keep her relaxed so she can feel better.
Most projects are on hold for now. And our bedroom is half painted. It looks awful. She (and we) spends her days watching Animal Planet....reading get well cards....
...sleeping and snuggling. She does better when she's calm, so we're trying to keep her that way.

So that's our update.We'd be very grateful for all your prayers that Miss Oats gets better soon, and that we can figure out what's causing the problem so we can correct it. And eventually I'll paint the bedroom. And the rest of the house.


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