Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kara's Bridal Shower

So I figured it was high time that I posted the photos from my beautiful friend Kara's bridal shower....since she got married yesterday and I still hadn't posted her shower pictures! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hickey - it was a gorgeous and fun wedding and we were thrilled to be a part of it. It was also great to be a part of Kara's bridal shower back in March (I'm seriously slacking on my photo editing), which was held at a lovely renovated barn on a vineyard. I got to play photographer for the day, so bear with my amateur manual camera skills.

I'm going to start with this picture because it's my favorite. Yes, I'm biased.
One of the ladies at the shower made this adorable wine bottle wedding dress, and next to it on the bar they made a cute photo montage of Kara getting ready for a date with Sean. It's this day she still looks like that when getting ready. Love you Kar :)
For the drinks they had us each decorate and write our name on a wine glass and let us keep them as favors. Adorbs.
Here is one of the centerpieces and a recipe box that they filled with favorite recipes brought by each guest to share with the bride.
Kara's sister made this amazing cake (WOW) which is so perfect for Kara, along with cupcakes and cake pops. And yes, they tasted as good as they looked.
These are my lovely table mates.
Here's the beautiful bride and her gorgeous maid of honor getting ready for the "gift bonanza." Anyone else vote that we should start calling them that instead of showers? I think it could be a new trend.
The rest of these don't need all know what happens at a shower. I bonanza.
I also got to see my wedding photographer Kasey, who actually got to be a guest at this wedding. It was amazing catching up with her. I stupidly didn't get a photo of me with her (cause I was behind the camera this time) so this one of her with the groom will have to do :)
While Sean was there they had him read some lines from the shower activity...they had us write lines he should include in his wedding vows to Kara and she had to read ones we wrote for him. They were hilarious and he read them all like a champ, although he didn't use any of them at the wedding :(
Here's Kara with her amazing shower hosts, her mom Tina and her bridesmaids.
And I'll end with these...another bride/maid of honor these girls...
...and a pic of me with the bride :)
Congratulations again Kara and Sean and enjoy your honeymoon! Love you both!


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