Friday, June 7, 2013

Sean's Graduation!

Ok ok here's the photos! I know I'm a huge slacker. If there was an award for biggest slacker blogger I'd win by a landslide. We've had a very busy beginning of summer...with three weddings coming up, three bridal showers, stag party planning, a graduation, a family vacation and a sick puppy (who is now doing much better), we have barely had time to finish our laundry. However, I finally managed to squeeze in a little photo editing. The whole reason we traveled to North Carolina was for my brother's college graduation from Elon University.
We sat way too far away to get any stage photos during graduation but I was able to grab this one in my lap. I thought it was fun that it was the 123rd graduation and Sean was born on 1/23. I'm weird.
Brian Williams was the speaker and as expected, was amazing. He made us laugh and cry and I was highly disappointed I didn't get to be a creeper and meet him. I tried to get a photo on my phone with no success.
See that tiny spec standing at the podium? Yup...that's him. We could hear him at least, even though we couldn't really see him. Here's a few from after the ceremony.
Sean's friends Mike and Matt drove down from CT to be there.
And here he is with a few of his college friends we managed to find in the crowd...
Here's the obligatory family shots:
You can see some of us are wearing our "I'm a proud Elon ____" stickers....but we also grabbed one for David and one for Oats. Of course Oats needed one.
So it was an exciting beginning to our trip to NC. Congrats Broseph!


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