Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Belong With You, You Belong With Me

We talk a lot about how crazy our dog is. She really is. She's nuts.
Everyone that knows and loves her knows we're not exaggerating. She could win a competition for the world's most hyper dog, and has many times been compared to Marley.
She is a non-stop ball of energy, and although we've brought her through (and graduated from) behavior classes, she doesn't seem to understand the concept of good behavior, or she just doesn't care.
She jumps on people, is mouthy, eats socks, goes in the hamper to find socks, climbs on the couches, takes off in the yard, chews her leash, the list goes on.
Is having a dog exactly what I expected? No. Was I hopeful I'd be able to do things with her that I can't? Yes. Was I planning on training her to be a therapy dog? Well, yes...but now that thought makes me laugh. It's just not her personality. That's ok. How often do things turn out like you expect? It's all part of learning to love and appreciate what you have, and moving on from the things you had "expected." And I love my dog more than I ever expected.

I love all her unique qualities and special personality...

Socks are pretty much the only thing she'll eat besides her own toys.
Since she was a puppy we've left shoes around and she's never touched a-one-of-em. She's actually quite delicate about picking up toys that happen to roll near our shoes....it's somewhat strange how careful she is about them.
So we just keep socks away from her and put something on top of the hamper to keep her from getting them. When she mysteriously gets her mouth on one, she brings it right to us and refuses to drop it, like it's all part of the game.
Her other favorite is tennis balls, but she can't handle fetch because she hates giving up control of having the ball.
She was house trained in about 4 days. Booya.
We recently started leaving her out in the house during the day. She is perfectly well behaved when she's home alone. Before, when we used to leave her in her crate, she would willingly go in without hesitation. I could put on my coat and grab my keys, not saying a word, and she would run into her crate like she knew I was leaving.
She's smart and knows all the commands we've taught her, she just doesn't always choose to obey them, but we're working on that.
Unlike many dogs (like our neighbor's), Oats rarely ever barks. She's done it maybe 10 times total, and only when she thinks someone's breaking into the house. All 10 times it's been the mailman or UPS. So I think we have a good protector on our hands.
She smells good. This is strange...sorry.
And oh man is she fun. She entertains us and makes us laugh and smile every day. Everyone who knows her knows she has a very sweet side and a personality that cant be matched, even though she's a non-stop ball of energy and teeth most of the time.
She has a lot of awesome quirks that make her special, like when she yawns she sounds like she's meowing... (sorry for the tiny video images and yes, a three yawn montage was the best I could get)
When she lays down she stretches out so her back legs are extended.
And yes, she is crazy and rambunctious and sometimes annoying and high maintenance. But I wouldn't trade her for any other dog. She's the perfect dog for us, and we're the perfect owners for her. Not everyone would be able to handle her, but I love her to pieces even when she's difficult.
I love her for all her quirks, good and bad.
She is truly my companion, which is the whole point. She is a part of our family, not just a pet. Having a dog is a privilege, and it's a responsibility as much as it is fun. I will rearrange my schedule so Oats can do things with me, even if it's inconvenient. Being a dog owner is challenging, but so so rewarding.
So even though I always say she's crazy, I don't take her for granted. I know I'm blessed to have her. I hug and kiss her every day and tell her I love her even though she doesn't understand what that means. Even though David and I both grumble and roll our eyes at her craziness, she's still our puppy and we wouldn't trade her for the world. She belongs with us...
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Oatsy.


AJ said...

WELL said - that is definately Oats in a nutshell - LOVE that puppy!!! p.s. would love to see that video!! (cuz you know my dial-up won't let me watch it) lol

Jen said...

Oh boy - it's only like 10 seconds long! I have it on my phone though I'll show you Sunday :)

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