Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jaclyn's Bridal Shower

As usual, I'm way behind on the pics. Exactly one month ago today my second brother (aka my brother-in-law) married his soul mate. He got a wife, and I, well I got a sister.

Let's just say I wasn't the nicest future sister-in-law to ever walk the earth when I first met Jaclyn, but I have grown to love this girl an incredible amount. She is beautiful inside and out and has such a big heart and a good sense of humor. So their wedding was very special to me because I gained a sister from someone who I'm so happy to even call a friend. I have a few photos from their wedding too, but I figured in the interest of chronology, I figured I'd post her bridal shower pics first. I said I was behind on my photos!

I had the honor of sitting up front and getting to shoot some photos at her shower. Remember that I'm still in the early stages of shooting manually, and I'm not excellent at it. The light was all behind her, and my skills at getting the light right are feeble at best. Maybe by the time she has a baby shower I'll be a little better. Give me some time though guys I have a lot of improving to do!

I accidentally showed up a half hour early, but it worked out nicely because I was able to get some photos of the decor before anyone was there. The theme for the shower was Downton Abbey, so they used teapots, teacups, flowers, lace gloves and pearls to decorate. Everything was pink and very feminine, and the moms and bridesmaids did an amazing job.
And now we add the bride...
She saved her sisters' gifts for last....Jenna gave her the soda stream (which she and Andrew use all the time), and Lauren gave her the beautiful champagne flutes for their wedding.
This was my gift...which I'll blog in more detail later, but I made her and Andrew personalized aprons because they love to cook together.
She did a little modeling for us of both hers and Andrew's. I was thrilled that she liked them and they fit :)
Andrew came by at the end to chat with all the ladies and help Jaclyn bring everything home. I had to snap this pic quickly from my seat because everyone wanted to see them...hence the weird angle.
Aunt Jan waited to give them this wedding scrapbook until Andrew came. It was sweet because Andrew and Aunt Jan both share a love of scrapbooking.
Here's the cute couple modeling their aprons. Like I said, everyone was demanding their attention so I couldn't get them to both look at me together. Guess they'll have to model them another time for me. K guys?
This was my favorite picture of the day...Jaclyn and all but one of her bridesmaids who couldn't make it that day. So pretty...
It was a beautiful shower and I was happy to be a part of it. Jac I hope you enjoy these photos :)


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