Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Master Bedroom Remodel: Paneled Wall Installation

We've been hard at work on the master bedroom and here's a quick update on what we've completed. This past weekend we finished installing the paneled walls and I love it so far.

I don't know what he's measuring here, I was just excited that we were finally getting started so I snapped a photo. And he looks cute with a measuring tape and tools.
Ok here's the real stuff. We bought these 4'x8' MDF wall panels from Lowe's because after extensive research, we decided it was the simplest and most economical way to get the tongue and groove look we wanted.
We cut them to 5' (eye level) and just installed them on the wall using a nail gun, cutting out holes for the outlets and around the window trim. And by "we" I pretty much just carried around the level and tried to look cute and not get in the way.
Then David added a chair rail on top of the panels. We bought pre-primed 16' 1x4 pine boards, again at Lowe's. He got all fancy and routered out part of the back so it actually slides perfectly on top of the panel.
Here's the chair rail fully installed. Again, he just used the nail gun to attach it to the wall (sorry, these are iPhone pics).
Then we had to spend some time doing what David wanted so we spent our weekend afternoons fishing...
And yes, I caught way more fish than him, both Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure he'll keep inviting me.


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