Monday, July 1, 2013

Outer Outer Banks Y'all

David and I decided that if we were driving all the way to North Carolina (on Memorial Day weekend nonetheless) we should do something fun while we were there, so the Outer Banks idea was born. We presented it to my family on Christmas Day and everyone was so excited it was hard to wait five months...but we survived. I know...first world problems.

So immediately after Sean's graduation, David, Oats and I headed to our rental house in Kitty Hawk and my mom, dad and Sean arrived the next day. We spent the week relaxing, sitting on the beach, playing games and exploring the Outer Banks.

Here's the photo story of our family vacation.

The house where we stayed was great - dog friendly with a fenced-in yard, on the end of a private road, and about a one minute walk to the beach. It had a nice deck and a screened in porch. It was late evening when David and I first arrived and I snapped these shots inside the house, so they aren't great, but here's little thumbnails for you. Please excuse the Oats photobombs.
 It didn't take long for her to make herself right at home...
On our first morning David and Oats and I went down to check out the beach while the rest of the fam headed to meet us.
It was gorgeous, but the water was a tad evidenced here.
We had dinner together every night and Oats assumed her position...
And my parents told Sean they'd bought him a car...waiting for him when we came home.
Mostly, we went to the beach, fished and lounged and soaked up the sun.
We had a pretty sweet setup with a beach canopy, chairs and a stake with a run so Oats couldn't run off but could access the shade and sun, and we just took her off the run to take her swimming when she wanted.
She quickly learned that she loved digging for, playing with, sometimes chewing, and of course, reburying shells, just to dig them up again....because of course that makes sense. She is definitely a beach pup.
And David managed to catch a few sea trout. Only took him 5 days :)
The coolest thing was that we saw dolphins swimming off the shore every morning. One day there were about 15 in the pod. I couldn't get a photo because I only had my iPhone on the beach (not my real camera), but I got Oats watching them...that'll have to do.
We also went on a trip down to the National Seashore, where we discovered the beach was much wider than in Kitty Hawk, and it was gorgeous there.
While there we visited the Bodie Island Lighthouse...
And walked out on the boardwalk...which I was a little unsure about...clearly you can see why.
But it was beautiful out there, and I didn't see any snakes. Thank God.
We also did some shopping and I tried really really hard to convince David to buy this...he looks 40 but I think it's awesome. Don't be shocked if you get this for Christmas hunny.
My dad, David and I also spent a few hours visiting the Wright Brothers Museum....and saw where the first flight ever happened. It was pretty remarkable to think about, and in the grand scheme of things wasn't that long ago. We've come so far in such a short time.
Do Wilbur and Orville have any resemblance to David and Andrew? Um...not really. Looks like we couldn't play the last name card and get in for free.
Dad and I at the monument...
To the left of that walkway below is where the first flight in history happened. Pretty awesome.
The boys even attempted some sports at the house...but that didn't last too long.
We had one nice dinner out at the Outer Banks Brewing was AMAZING. Thanks for the tip Guy Fieri.
Shrimp and grits....we were in the south, right?
There were magic carpets hanging from the ceiling...anyone else find that odd?
On our last night we took some family photos after dinner....I'll put those in another post when I'm done editing them :)

And then we made the ten hour drive home. Someone was pooped from the very exhausting week of fun.
We would love to go back...there was tons to do, it was very dog friendly, we had gorgeous weather and the beaches were amazing. It was a wonderful week celebrating Sean's graduation. I would absolutely recommend OBX for families with kids or dogs, girls weekends, basically, anything. It's a great place to visit, and we loved it.


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