Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Bedroom Paint Ordeal

Oh yeah...our bedroom. Riiiiiiight.

You'll learn, if you read our blog long enough, that David and I are the exact opposite of the Ferris Buellers of the world. We're more like the Miltons from Office Space. Absolutely nothing comes easy for us. Although maybe, if I really think about it, I should rethink that statement. We're all in control of our own reality, and it's usually my fault that everything takes forever for us. I.am.the.worlds.worst.decision.maker. It's true. We looked at 15 wedding venues and 25 houses before finding our perfect ones. Good thing David loves me.
Remember when I said the room was half painted? I was serious.
I only painted the upper half of the walls. Why? Because....drum roll....we're going to be paneling the bottom! WOOT WOOT. If that doesn't get you excited....um well, you're probably normal. Also go read a different blog, cause nothing around here is normal. A while back I wrote about how obsessed I am with tongue and groove paneling. And we never finished doing it in the hallway because of course...it requires an electrician. Like I said...nothing's normal, or simple, around here. More on that later though. Today we're talking about the bedroom, and how long it's taken me to pick a paint color.

To be fair, I knew exactly what I wanted. In my head. Matching a paint color to something in your head is difficult, and that's the reason we've been stalled for 3 months. I started with only about 247 paint swatches, and settled on Valspar's Sparkling Lake. I stared at the swatch for a good few weeks, so I was convinced it was the one. I brought it home, painted half the walls, and hated it. It was supposed to be the middle color below. Looks like the left one to me, how about you?
So I brought it back and had them remix it. Then it matched the middle swatch, but was still not what I wanted. So now I had painted the walls twice and hated the result both times.

So I went out a picked up a whole bunch of samples. Two from Ben Moore, two from Sherwin Williams, a bunch from Valspar and some random colors I found on the Home Depot / Lowe's clearance racks that I had stashed in the basement.
And I tried them all.
There they stayed, and I occasionally added another possibility, for about a month. Still, none looked right.

So I decided to just start fresh. There were just too many versions of green and blue spackled all over the wall for me to think straight. I primed (twice) to give myself a fresh base to work with and painted all the samples again.
I forgot to take a picture of the samples, but it's irrelevant because again, I didn't like any of them.

So my last resort was trying to match the color to my inspiration photo for the room. I downloaded Benjamin Moore's Color Capture App, and used the eyedropper to choose the color from the photo (where the light was right on the wall) and I got about 4 color options.
I went and got all 4 color swatches, brought them back to the room, and narrowed it down to White Rain, as well as Palladian Blue, which I'd already painted and was still considering. I brought those two swatches to Lowe's and had them color match me two samples (sorry Ben, you're too rich for my blood). Remember when I said this was an ordeal? I don't lie. Then I primed over all the others and left these two samples on the wall...
You can't tell from that horrible photo, but the White Rain paint was exactly what I was looking for. Finally.
So this past Saturday I painted the top half of the room in White Rain, and I luuuurve it. It's about time, huh?

Actual number of paint swatches in our house: 106
Money spent on paint: About $85 (I seriously hope I added that wrong)
Hours spent on painting: About 25
Finally finding the right color after three months: Priceless


Samantha Fabris said...

lol! We found our bedroom paint colour by picking a can out of the clearance cart at Home Depot. I spent weeks putting swatches on the wall and didn't like anything. But we decided a $5 paint can was the sign (It turned out I wasn't in love with thecolour, but I'm dealing with it for now)

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