Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Two Year House-iversay

Today marks two years since we moved into the sweet little cape that we've come to call home. Last year we celebrated one year in the house by taking a family photo on our front steps, so we figured we'd continue the tradition this year.

Not much has changed to the exterior of the house...we changed our mailbox, added a few plants, added a flagpole for the American flag, did some pressure-washing, and just yesterday added the windowboxes.

Here's our favorites from today's photoshoot. It would have been awesome to have just one cloud in the sky, but we only had about 20 free minutes to take these today and it was smack dab in the brightest sunshine you've ever seen, so bear with us as you look at the gleaming sun on our faces.
I like this one because it looks like these two are having a serious conversation about posing for photos.
I don't think the pep talk worked because he had to pin her done in the next one.
And it only takes a hundred to get one where she stands still without licking one of us.
But these are by far our favorites. I figured if we were wearing our sunglasses, so should Oats. She did manage to make them crooked in the three seconds before I clicked the remote.
So happy two years to our first home. Can't wait to see what the next year holds :)


AJ said...

haha...the one with the sunglasses is beyond cute! happy house-iversary!

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