Saturday, August 24, 2013

Windowboxes: Take II

Last spring I had a brilliant idea to add windowboxes to the front of our house. In theory it was a great idea, but we executed it like a bunch of nitwits.
We bought these plastic windowboxes....duh. We thought it would be fine...that we weren't filling them with much. Turns out soil is heavy. Yup. Who woulda thought? So they looked like this. Blah.
And by the end of the this:
Hence why they came down. Plastic windowboxes....I loathe you.

So then I bought these guys last year at a flea market for only $15 for the pair. They're wood and homemade, so they're right up my alley (and less expensive than the plastic ones...seriously?)
I felt a little bad because the seller said his mom painted them, but I had to paint over her vines in a nice crisp white.
David drilled holes in the bottom first, so we could actually use them as planters...
 ...and then I painted them with Benjamin Moore's Aura Exterior Paint.
It took me a while to finish painting them because they took a few coats and I didn't manage it before it got too cold last fall.
So this summer I took them out and finished painting them.
Then I had my live-in handyman install them. Windowboxes: Take II.
 Something tells me these will work better.
Since we'll be doing a little entertaining next weekend we needed a quick, pretty filler for them. We didn't have a whole lot of time for researching plants that will survive the winter, not to mention that most places around here are pretty much out of everything except mums at this time of year. So we went to one of our local farmstands and bought out the rest of their stock of pothos and croton plants (these sound like solar system names to me). David put some 2x4s in the boxes for extra height and then we just left the plants in the pots for now.
We plan to just bring them all in through the winter. Evidently they're great air-purifying plants. So we thought this was a great end-of-summer cheater quick windowbox solution.
So there you have our second try on the windowboxes. We'll be back next summer with our third try, when we actually fill these with flowers and soil, instead of cheating with potted vines. Any suggestions on plants that can survive the winter in windowboxes? We live in USDA Zone 6. See...I'm learning :)


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