Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinterest-Worthy Party Signs (In An Afternoon)

Pinterest-worthy was what I was going for, but I didn't think of this idea until the day before. I promised David I would be non-stress when it came to this year's annual Labor Day party, so I decided not to even worry about cute decor. I'd just get food and beer and call it a day. Wellllll I changed my mind. The day before. Obviously. So there was no time to run out and buy new stuff...I had to make it work with what I had. Here's how it went down.

I grabbed some scrap wood from David's workshop, which probably thrilled him. One less thing for him to clean up. I'm such a helpful wife. I was originally looking for pieces all the same size, but then I decided maybe it would be fun to have all different sizes (that anddd I couldn't find any the same).
I did this quickly....just laid the wood on the couple pieces of cardboard I could scrounge up and applied a small amount of Rustoleum Wood Stain in Dark Walnut to the front and sides. I'm not lying about super it was lunchtime and I was hungry super quick. I didn't even worry much about the middle of the pieces, just sides and edges.
It started raining shortly after I stained them (of course) so I brought them into the basement and let them dry for a couple hours. Then I brought out the big guns. You know, the trendiest thing since cell phones....chalkboard paint! (Best part about this paint is that my dad found it on a clearance rack for 99 cents before it was popular - bam!)

I did a real quick, somewhat sloppy paint job of everything except the edges of the boards, because I was going for just a messy wooden chalkboard look.
You could always use painter's tape to make a perfect rectangle for the chalkboard paint, but I like this look for this particular project. Bonus: this way is also fifteen times faster.
I let the paint dry overnight, although if I needed to I could have used them within a few hours. The morning of the party I conditioned them by rubbing chalk on each board and wiping it off. (Ugh sorry about all the iPhone photos in this I said, I was rushing. Some real-camera photos are coming up though.)
I wish I could say I had a nice photo of each food table with my signs, but I guess either the food was really good or people were really hungry, because as soon as I put out the first bit of food the tables were swarmed. I didn't even get to put the signs up until after most people had eaten, but I think they got the point. It wasn't a very complicated food spread. So after the fact, here's what I wrote on the signs and what we served at the Labor Day cookout.
I did the writing in ten seconds so it's not my best work, but it's the thought that counts. Hey, they barely made it on the tables anyway.

Here they are with a few props just for your viewing pleasure, and because I was getting bored at the lack of color in this post. Yes...there's random apples. I didn't have any burgers, hot dogs, corn, or toppings left so you get apples in a barrel and a lantern. But at least I have some of those jumbo baked potatoes left :)
So these took me a total of maybe 25 minutes of working time (including cleaning my paint brush), a few hours of drying time, and they were free. I need more projects that go this smoothly. Now I have these three cute signs...what to do with them next?


Laura said...

Duh.. what to do with them next? Have another party!!

Jen said...

Haha ok!

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