Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twenty Eight

Ok yes...I'm turning 28 on Saturday. Woot woot. Birthdays are fun, but getting For my 28th birthday I'm giving you a gift. Well, it's for me too. Probably mostly me, since I've been wanting this for a while and working on it for months. It's the gift of eye candy. This blog is getting a big boost of pretty, with more stuff to do. So get ready and get excited.

You probably noticed some changes, but over the next few days I will continue adding more, totaling 28 new updates. Yeah, you know, for my birfffday. Some changes you may not notice at all (I've made some little changes to make the the layout a little less busy and more user friendly), and others are more obvious and fun (like the pages!). These updates are things I've been working on basically, well, since I started blogging, so I'm very excited.

Flashback, here's the original blog home page:
Here's what it looked like before today:
Stay tuned for the rest of the 28 updates. Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback :)


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