Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wedding Week: Our Reception - The Details

Our reception was held right next to our ceremony at Mystic Seaport, in the gorgeous River Room.
There's about a thousand amazing photos from the reception, so for today I'm just going to recap the DIY details. If you want to see more you can check out my Facebook photo album for some highlights or come visit us and look through our entire wedding album. We tried hard to make our wedding personal and unique, so here's some of the little details we added.

To avoid pricey tablecloth rentals from the facility, we purchased several navy satin table runners to add some color to the tables. They looked expensive but they were only $2 each!

For the centerpieces, we purchased about 20 of these galvanized buckets at Target (in the dollar bin!), wrapped them with striped ribbon and glued on sand dollars that were extras from my bridal shower.
David made the table name signs to match the sign we built for the ceremony entrance...
...and I painted the table names. We used New England sea life names to match the nautical theme.
The rope balls on each table were handmade by yours truly throughout the summer before our wedding. We decided to put a little index card in each with fun facts about us to give our guests something entertaining on their tables. We had two on each table and then others scattered around the reception. Let me tell you, I made a ton of these.
At our table we had groom and bride signs we made...
...and fish etched champagne glasses.
During the cocktail hour under the tent outside, we set up our "guest book" which was two wooden paddles. We spent about a year searching for unfinished wooden paddles to no avail, and then David's mom found these two at a thrift shop. They were actually fully painted with designs so David sanded them down completely until they had a nice smooth finish...a perfect surface for some well wishes.
On the same table we had our "escort cards" which were mini succulent plants. We didn't do anything normally.
I made small signs (escort cards) with the guest names and the table names, again to match the ceremony sign and the table name signs in the centerpieces. The stripes next to the names were color coordinated with the guest's dinner selection (blue for beef, white for chicken and green for vegetarian).
And we used an old fishing creel for our card box (which also held the ugly manila envelope for our marriage license evidently). We didn't get a photo of them, but our bathroom baskets were also fishing creels filled with all kinds of items people might need during the wedding.
Before my bridal shower I had purchased two creels to use as bathroom baskets but was still looking for something for our card box. As part of my bridal shower gift, David's great aunt gave me this one that used to be in her lake house, so it was a perfect match with the other wedding decor. She also gave us this wooden fish that we hung from the centerpiece at our head table.
It worked out great since our table name was "Sal the Bait Fish." I told you we were weird. That name came from an inside joke between David and I. I've been known to get a little bored when he takes me ice fishing (I mean....come onnnn) so one time I entertained myself by naming his bait fish. The one I named Sal was the only one that caught us a fish that day, and infamously became a part of our wedding..."Sal the Bait Fish."

Anyway, back to the good stuff. Our amazing cake was made by Coastal Gourmet at Mystic Seaport.
I also want to add this picture because in the background it shows our guests during cocktail hour under the sperry tent outside, which was one of my favorite things about our venue.
Next to our cake is the bouquet I caught in 2006 at my cousin Julie's wedding. She used fake flowers (genius) so I was able to save it, and I just covered her black and white ribbon with our navy and white striped ribbon and some of the anchor ribbon from my bouquet.
My cousin Amy caught it...keeping it in the family was totally not staged. Nahhhh. Hopefully she'll use it at her wedding with her own ribbon and continue the tradition :)
Toward the end of our reception they also passed around milk and personal favorite treat and a wonderful way to end the night.
I loved all our little details and how much our wedding reflected us as a couple. We'll return this time next year with some more "Wedding Week" posts.


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