Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Baby Bassett and a Nifty Fifty

I recently snuck in some photos of my puppy niece Lily using my 50mm lens. I can't get enough of either one of them (Lily or my lens :) This was a few months ago and was the first time I really shot all my photos in raw mode, and I loved it so much I've edited these three times. Like, fully edited. So that's why it's taken a while.

I also realized later that I accidently shot these at ISO 1600. I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on my camera because considering the ISO they are pretty clear. I'm excited with how they came out and I can't wait to take more photos of this little squirt. Here are some of my favorites.
It's fun to shoot adorable subjects. Happy Thursday!


AJ said...

omg jen that straight on pic with those huge floppy ears is beyond cute!

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