Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dock Diving

I've mentioned before that Oats has an excessive, unending amount of energy. If I could suck just one ounce of it from her every morning I could be President. We do our best to keep her active, so this summer we added dock diving to her workout repertoire. I'd been reading that for some dogs it takes a while to catch on or gain the courage to dive, but I'm sure you guessed....not for Oats. This dog dove right off the hesitation. She's a natural. Just wanted to share a few fun pics of her in action.

These were from the first time we went this summer...
David does the throwing, I take the photos. Pretty typical.

And these are from just a few weeks ago at the very beginning of fall, so the trees were looking quite stellar. This is the night I sprained my ankle, but at least I was able to get a few nice shots first.

She isn't jumping any crazy distances, but maybe that will come with time. She loves it, so it's already fun.

I should also add congratulations to the Red Sox. I'm not a fan but David and Oats both seem to be...just a little bit. Much deserved by the incredible city of Boston. #BostonStrong


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