Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Fall into Fall: Take III

Ok it's the third and final day of my fall decor series! I have to stop because I ran out of pinecones...bummer. This year I made a fun tablescape to celebrate the season. I'm not very good at these, but it's fun to play. There's a basket full of apples on our table year round anyway, so I thought that was an appropriate fall theme for the dining room table.
The tablecloth is just a piece of fabric I picked up in the clearance bin at Walmart. I bought it for Memorial Day since it's picnicky (is that a word?), but I think it works nice for fall too.
As you probably already figured out, here's what I did with the third chalkboard sign from the Labor Day picnic. Hopefully you can remember all the way from yesterday that the other two are adorning the shelves in the living room, so I thought I could use this one in the dining room. I'm kinda thinking I need some apple cider now though. David keeps handing me nickels...
I put some cute striped straws in the mason jar mugs, for, you know, apple cider...
Or maybe pumpkin pie soda for now, since I clearly don't have cider yet. That awesome wooden bottle holder was made by David's brother and it conveniently has a bottle opener, which is great because I litrally never have one.
And there you have my little apple-inspired tablescape. Don't mind the yucky green wall and the trimless window. Perhaps our next project...?
Now I have to go buy cider and get baking with those apples! Thanks for checking in to see my fall decor. What kind of fall items inspired you this year?


Laura said...

WHAT is that pumpkin pie soda and where can I get it?!

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