Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Under My Umbrella...ella...ella...ella

Nothing light a little Rhianna to start us off.

I'm really late on this post but wanted to try and get it in before fall takes on full swing around here. I figure since it's still 80 degrees I can still post summer things, right? Suuuuure.

This summer we added the last touch to our Pottery Barn patio table we told you about briefly here. We got the chairs first (yup, and I read magazines backwards too) from someone on Craigslist, originally thinking we could build a matching table for cheap.
Then we went to the PB outlet and found the matching table for an amazing price, so we snagged it. Let's just say David was thrilled to get out of another one of my furniture building projects. Here it is in the PB outlet buried under all that other silliness.
So for most of the summer we had just the table and chairs, which was nice, but it was missing a little something. Soooo we went hunting for an umbrella. I searched several stores in-person and online but wasn't thrilled by the quality. Then, right around the end of August, Pottery Barn itself had a great big end-of-summer sale. They had the umbrella on sale for $59 + tax and shipping. With a 15% coupon (just sign up for their emails and they'll send them to you too) and a $25 certificate I earned from having their credit card, it came to $40.02, which is the same price I found for cheap ones at a nearby store. Why, yes...I think I'll take a Pottery Barn wood patio umbrella for only $40...athankyou. It it made of beautiful, strong canvas and eucalyptus wood, and the best part is that it fits and matches our table since they're made from the same company.
I went with the "natural" color fabric because I had already purchased the green patterned chair cushions from TJ Maxx (which is also where I got that wood candle holder). The umbrella stand came from another end-of-summer sale, but from Home Depot (Pottery Barn's matching one was $99 - um no). We ordered it online for only $29 and got free shipping by throwing something else we needed in the cart. Score.
So I know our deck is gross and falling apart but doesn't this whole outdoor dining area make it look a little more welcoming? We were even able to get a few dinners in before Mother Nature started this garbage about getting dark at 6:30.
Summer, I miss you. Come back again soon.


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